Project Progress Report for Major Stakeholders

Project Progress Report for Stakeholders of any project would need a significant amount of dedicated reporting about the Project status. This means the project manager has to ensure that all the vital parameters of the project are again and again reported on an ongoing basis with a predefined frequency.

Some of the most important parameters or reporting elements must include key points which can give the stakeholders confidence the project progress is moving in the right direction. In majority of the projects the significant parameters are identified in consultation with the stakeholders and sometimes these are predefined by the PMO in any organisation. Although the project manager is given a free hand to report any other additional significant parameters other than what has been asked already for.

Sample Project Progress Report

For example let us take the IT project, typically the IT project stakeholders demand milestones, deliverables, risks, productivity, utilisation and feature completion. Let us take a sample look at one of the weekly status report(see the download links at end of this post), which we generally publish to our clients. It has been enclosed along with this post; you are free to download it and use it to your projects relevance. You may need to do the customization of the same as per your convenience.

Stakeholders from different business verticals can demand for a request for variety of parameters. The above mentioned parameters are only a small example of the same. In large organisations or large projects, the chief project manager will have the authority to designate junior project manager to develop key statistics and reports in line to the defined relevant parameters for the stakeholders need.

Project Mangers Dilemma on Report

Providing a very good snapshot of the overall project summary is one of the key responsibilities of the project manager. The snapshot should definitely include some of the vital parameters again there is no definition which are supposed to be called as vital which are not. Although many project managers prefer or rather are comfortable in providing these parameters as key reporting statistics on these heads:

  • Scope completion
  • Time elapsed
  • Cost overrun
  • Quality index
  • Resource utilisation
  • Risk trends and key issues
  • Vendor utilisation
  • Changes approved or rejected.

Download Links

PDF Version of Sample: Project Status Report – Weekly for Stakeholders

Powerpoint Version of Sample: Project Status Report – Weekly for Stakeholders

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