Agile Implementation Case Study in Software Industry with in 100 days. Let us give you an Idea, how it was done and implemented successfully. Go read on..

Client Profile:

The Group is the leading provider of IT services and consultancy for the broader hospitality and accommodation rental sector. Originally a Dutch company, since its formation in 1998, it has grown into a multinational organization with operations in three continents and clients spread across the globe.

This group has developed and perfected a holistic ERP approach to technology in hospitality and tourism and a suite of solutions to suit the needs of the most complex organisations. Their development and continuous updates are driven by the in-depth knowledge of market and clients, with which they work as true partners and which are both beneficiaries and initiators of continuous software enhancement.

Group’s clients are either large groups or smaller organizations with complex needs: varied inventory, private or fractional ownership, complex pricing structures, different lengths of stay, maybe operations in different countries with their own administration rules.

Solutions offered by the Group are used by clients worldwide in following sectors:

  • Holiday parks
  • Vacation rental businesses
  • Serviced apartments
  • Multi-property groups

Group’s approach is data-driven. Accessing all the organisation’s data from one database, to help facilitating better decision making at strategic level and operational benefits, thanks to real time visibility across all departments.

Beyond the Dutch roots, this group has expanded greatly their client base and geographical coverage. The company is part of an international group which includes support and development offices in India, business development offices in UK and USA and its head offices in The Netherlands. The group now counts clients across the globe with properties located in three continents.

Nature of Implementation:

This group’s management wanted to implement a simple yet effective development method for continuously changing requirements of their clientèle for all the solutions offered by their software development team.

GlobalSkillup Agile Implementation Case Study:

  • Phase 1: Benchmarking existing development methods and team practices
  • Phase2: Coaching Management Team on the Change Implementation
  • Phase3: Training 120+ development staff with Agile & SCRUM Basics
  • Phase4: DSDM & Kanban boards with SCRUM Implementation for Development Sprints
  • Phase5: Hand holding Team to Implement Corrective Actions and Perfect Implementation

The entire approach took less than 3 months for the Dutch group to go live with the Agile Implementation and start working for their clients. Dutch Group was delighted with the extensive support offered post implementation and change with little small disruptions across all 5 phases.

Benefits Realized & Inference to Client:

Moving from a traditional waterfall project management to Agile has paid off for the Group. Practices implemented by GlobalSkillup boosted team overall performance and client oriented delivery even with Constant Changes demanded by Clients on upcoming Software ERP solutions. With happy clients the Dutch group has benefited and felt more confident to keep up with the demands of their Client forever happy. Agile Implementation Case Study Concluded.

Corporate Clients:

To learn more details on each phase of Agile Implementation Case Study, speak to us and ask for detailed implementation aspects of each Phase. Our team will be glad to share the same to your management and discuss the solutions for your corporate on Agile and Scrum Implementations. Contact: [email protected]

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