PMP PDU Maintenance 60 PDU’s

PMP PDU Maintenance 60 PDU’s

 10,000  8,500

  • Simple Process to Acquire 60 PDU’s in one go
  • Get PDU’s as early as 5 Working Days
  • Get Knowledge along with PDU’s, not just PDU’s
  • Cost Effective, Self to-do format
  • Instant Download of Study Material and Start Process
  • Pay and start the automated process immediately

PMP PDU Maintenance Program with 60 PDU’s aims to PMP CCR (Continuing Certification Requirements) specified by PMI(Project Management Institute).

PDU Categories

PDU Categories

In order to maintain PMP with PDU’s, you would need to participate in the training programs/events/conferences offered by GlobalSkillup. At GlobalSkillup, we have simplified the same process. It is very easy to maintain your 60 PDU’s for 3 years.

You may participate in the PMP PDU Maintenance Program with 60 PDU’s. Steps to follow:

  1. Complete your enrollment for PMP PDU Maintenance Program with Payment.
  2. We will license an online e-training material for your study to suffice a period of 5 working days.
  3. Complete the study of the content and inform us back.
  4. We will issue you an online assessment with 10 questions(atleast 6 must be correct).
  5. Upon evaluation, GlobalSkillup would issue you the 60 PDU’s certificate.
  6. Copy the details from the GlobalSkillup Certificate to your PMI profile and renew your PMP for another 3 years.

For all PMI certifications other than CAPM, one need to follow the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program and earn professional development units (PDUs) defined by PMI. PMI wants to ensure one’s certified professional has to be competent and needs to stay relevant along with up to date knowledge.

PDU activities must relate to topics that are substantially consistent with the Exam Content Outline for the relevant certification. At GlobalSkillup all PDU training materials are relevant and inline to the PMI CCRS. There are many simple ways to acquire PDUs. GlobalSkillup offers simple, effective, cost-conscious and most relevant content to keep you up to date along with acquiring PDUs fast.

The most promising method of getting PDU’s is to participate in further training programs. Attend education courses or classes in-person or online. We cater for all the mentioned modes. Participating in educational training courses is a traditional and effective way to learn. There are many activities offered by PMI and third-party providers across the globe – the most prominent being GlobalSkillup.

Is GlobalSkillup the best PMP training institutes in Bangalore?2018-05-09T17:15:38+05:30

GlobalSkillup has been one of the premier trainer institute in Bangalore and all other major locations, offering PMP and relevant programs. Undoubtedly qualified as the best by the Customers themselves rating 4.7+ consistently on the scale of 5 on Google Reviews & Ratings. Hundreds of video testimonials exist to vouch for the quality of learning imparted to them and scale them in their career.

Will I pass the PMP Exam in 1st Attempt like you claim?2018-05-09T17:05:41+05:30

We have seen our students time and again proving the results almost every week. We encourage our students to keep the preparation time really short to give it full focus and attention. Usually 3-4 weeks is more than enough with detailed preparation on daily basis for 3 Hours focussed learning. Along with taking high quality Mock exam questions offered for PMP by GlobalSkillup.

Where can I get the free PMP Exam questions online?2018-05-09T17:02:57+05:30

PMP Exam questions for free are available all over Internet. However, we seriously recommend not to get yourself engaged with them. Reason being that we notice many of the Free questions are either context outdated, improperly drafted – not qualifying them as PMP question, written by fellow PMP aspirants instead of Expert PMP’s.

PMP Exam Questions offered by GlobalSkillup are of high quality and will engage you to acquire the right understand, get the proper gauge of Exam difficulty and then step ahead in the right direction.

How much time is the PMP Exam itself?2018-05-09T16:58:57+05:30

PMP Exam duration is for 4 hours to answer 200 scenario based questions.

What is the PMP Salary?2018-05-09T16:57:06+05:30

Project Managers with PMP Certification earn at least 20-30% higher salary than the regular Project Managers. It is very much evident in almost every industry, however, to identify your current market value, please consult with your profile to our counsellors, to understand your market value.

Who are the PMP trainers teaching the PMP students?2018-05-09T16:54:32+05:30

At GlobalSkillup, our trainers are active PMP Certified Professionals with at least 10+ years of relevant Corporate experience, Expertise in Project Management subject. We also look at the academic excellence of our Trainers before qualifying them.

Every trainer is qualified based on their overall experience profile, evaluation by master trainers and finally accepted after the training demo. One final check is they would also need to take up a real batch of students to score at least 4+ out of 5 rating.

Who are the PMI® REP’s registered education providers?2018-05-09T16:14:09+05:30

Many training providers get registered with PMI® also known as PMI® REP’s, to gain visibility to provide trainings across Project Management including PMP® and other PMI® credentials.

However, a common myth among the training participants/PMP® aspirants is that for PMP® training, they would need to register with PMI® REP’s only. This is not true.  Any training provider, who can vouch to provide valid training on Project Management subject can provide the PMP® training and also offer the required 35 contact hours of formal training certificate to meet the PMP® eligibility.

How to get PMP® certification online?2018-05-09T16:12:03+05:30

Register with a training provider who offers the comprehensive online training in conjunction with the PMP® exam sets. Often many training providers provide these exam sets for the registered training participants. You may want to avail such offers from multitude of training providers.

At being Project Management subject matter experts, we believe to bring the best to you in online trainings. Join our PMP Training programs directed for PMP online learning and PMP E-learning.

Which are the PMP® certification books for PMP Exam Preparation?2018-05-09T16:08:24+05:30

There are plenty of PMP Exam Certification books available in the market.

  • PMBOK remains the first and primary source of education.
  • PMP Training Manual by GlobalSkillup itself is quite elaborate and to the point for preparation.
  • Rita Macaulay PMP preparation book.
What is the Cost of PMP® certification?2018-05-09T16:04:18+05:30

 Cost of PMP® certification includes two aspects.

  1. Training cost incurred to accrue the formal 35 contact hours of training by training provider.
  2. Certification Exam fee cost, which is paid directly to PMI®.

PMP® certification fees. 

  • For PMI® members, the PMP® certification fees is 405 USD paid to PMI®.
  • For NON-PMI members, the PMP® certification fee is 555 USD paid to PMI®.
Where do I download the PMBOK guide 6th edition for free?2018-05-09T16:01:49+05:30

PMBOK guide 6th edition is free for the PMI Members. To be able to download the free copy of the PMBOK 6th Edition guide, kindly register as PMI Member.

What is PMBOK guide 6th edition?2018-05-09T16:00:26+05:30

PMBOK is an abbreviation of Project Management Body of Knowledge book offered by PMI. It is a comprehensive detailed guide about the Project Management subject based on the latest trends & methodologies available in the real life project implementations. The latest edition of PMBoK is the 6th edition. Special feature about the PMBOK 6th Edition is that it has a separate module for Agile Methodology of Implementation.

How to get PMP certification?2018-05-09T15:54:59+05:30

This is yet another one of the most commonly asked PMP Faq.

To register for PMP® exam, one needs to make a fully completed application to PMI® in written or online. After the application is scrutinized and approved by PMI®, the applicant is offered a chance to register for the exam date with an external exam provider like Prodevia or Prometric.

After finishing the exam on the selected date based on the result, the exam provider at the end of the exam will provide a provisional result sheet in a printed sheet with seal and initials/signature on behalf of the PMI®. The actual PMP® certificate will be shipped to the address mentioned in the application. This is how to get PMP® certification by Project Management Institute, PMI®.

What are PMI PDU or PMI PDU’s? Are PDU different than PMI Contact Hours?2018-05-09T15:55:18+05:30

PDU is an abbreviation of Professional Development Unit.

1 Hour of learning/training is considered as 1 Contact Hour by PMI and is provided by the Training Providers. To be able to go for PMP Exam, one would need 35 Contact Hours.

Yes, PDU are little different than contact hours as considered by PMI. Before exam is Contact Hours, after exam is called PDU.

Every PMI credential holder is supposed to maintain the credential by constantly upgrading themselves by relearning/retraining on relevant Management topics in defined time frame by PMI. Every 1 hour spent on upgrading is referred to as PDU by PMI. To be able to maintain PMI credentials, one has to acquire relevant amount of PDU’s. For example, PMP credential will require you to maintain 60 PDUs in 3 years time frame after passing the exam.

What is PMP renewal or recertification process? 2018-05-09T15:44:48+05:30

For the already passed PMP® professional, it is expected to accrue 60 PDU’s over next 3 years from the date of passing the PMP® exam. Once accrued, the PMP® holder is supposed to submit their evidences of 60 PDU’s to the PMI® before the 3 year term expires along with the renewal or recertification fee. In case of no submit, the PMP® status is lost and there on wards if the person wants to be a PMP® again, one has to go through the entire PMP® certification process. This entire episode is considered as PMP® re-certification process.

What is PMP certification process?2018-05-09T15:43:06+05:30

For the participants who are eligible for applying for PMP® certification, participants have to ensure the application is made to PMI® in written or online format. Filling up the application as desired is generally considered to be quite laborious, tedious and time consuming one time effort. This process of making application is known to be PMP® certification process.

What is PMP certification eligibility?2018-05-09T15:41:57+05:30

This is one of the most commonly asked PMP Faq. To be eligible for PMP® certification exam, the applicant should meet either of the following criteria.

  • Four year Bachelor’s degree or above
  • 3 years of Project Management experience with 4500 Hours of leading & directing projects
  • 35 Contact Hours of Project Management Formal Education


  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • 5 years of Project Management experience with 7500 Hours of leading & directing projects
  • 35 Contact Hours of Project Management Formal Education
What is PMP Certification?2018-05-09T15:38:08+05:30

PMP® Certification is the Certification provided for Project Management Professional’s upon completion of PMP® Exam conducted by the Project Management Institute PMI®.

It is highly regarded as one of the best known credential for validation of experience and vast knowledge expertise of Project Management. Often PMP certified professionals earn a higher reputation, fit for the right Project Management related jobs, and get promoted to next levels and also enhanced remuneration packages.

What is PMP?2018-05-09T15:37:31+05:30

PMP® is an abbreviation of Project Management Professional. Project Management Professional (PMP) is an internationally recognized professional designation offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) for Project Managers. As of March 2018, there are 833,025 active PMP certified individuals and 286 chartered chapters across 210 countries and territories worldwide.

What does the PMP exam test for?2018-05-09T14:44:36+05:30
  • Your knowledge to apply the Project Management concepts and Methodology
  • Your understanding & interpretability of the Project Management Tools & Techniques
  • Your ability to judge professionally & ethically correct and take actions proactively
  • Your conscience to think in the right manner & direction for business results & value addition
Incase the certificate issued comes under PMI audit, will the certificate issued by GlobalSkillup considered?2018-05-09T14:39:10+05:30

Yes, the certificates by GlobalSkillup will be considered. There are no issues, even if PMI audit happens. We have been issuing and helping our credential holders since 2013 with certificates & PMI PDUs perfectly acceptable.

What benefits do I get as an Individual Member of PMI?2018-05-09T14:36:41+05:30

Few of the PMI Benefits Include:

  • Complimentary digital copies of all PMI global standards including A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)
  • Networking, mentoring and volunteering opportunities via PMI chapters and Communities of Practice
  • 24/7 exclusive access to project management knowledge and information on,, and
  • Access to unabridged project management and business books via eReads and Reference
  • Money-saving discounts on certification exams and foundational online courses. PMP Exam cost is only USD 405 instead of USD 555.
How do I become a PMI Member?2018-05-09T14:35:10+05:30

Join as PMI member by visiting PMI website here. Click Add to Cart. Then check out. Membership will cost USD 139. Upon check out, you will be asked to become a local chapter member. Search for your local city name and add the local chapter(will vary for city to city USD 2 to USD12) into shopping cart. Click Check out, fill all the details and make the payment using credit card.

Is your institution registered with PMI as REP? Are PDUs valid?2018-05-09T14:25:10+05:30

PDUs can be issued by any institute, as such. There is no limitation as such as per PMI itself. In between there is no difference for PDUs issued by REP/Non REP. PDU’s offered by GlobalSkillup are perfectly accepted by PMI on submission.

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