PMP FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

PMP FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

PMP FAQ (Frequently asked questions) sorts out almost all questions aimed towards PMP Certification. At being Project Management subject matter experts, we would want to answer almost all frequently asked questions on Project Management topics and subject.

PMP FAQ, list of questions and topics..

  • What is PMP®
  • What is PMI®
  • What is PMP® certification
  • PMP® certification eligibility
  • PMP® certification process
  • PMP® re-certification
  • What are PDU’s
  • How to get PMP® certification | register for PMP® exam
  • How to prepare for PMP® exam
  • What is PMI® membership
  • What is PMBoK
  • Value of PMP® certification
  • Cost of PMP® certification
  • PMP® certification fees
  • PMP® certification books
  • PMP® certification class | PMP® certification boot camp | Project Management  professional training
  • PMP® certification questions | PMP® exam questions free
  • PMP® certification material | Project Management  professional study guide
  • PMP® certification India
  • Online PMP® certification training | PMP® certificate online | Project Management  certification online
  • PMP® certification online training free | PMP® certification free training
  • PMP® certification salary
  • How to get PMP® certification online
  • Online PMP® training and certification
  • PMI® registered education providers
  • Free PMP® exam

What is PMP? PMP® is an abbreviation of Project Management Professional.

What is PMIPMI® is an abbreviation of Project Management Institute.

What is PMP CertificationPMP® Certification is the Certification provided for Project Management Professional’s upon completion of PMP® Exam conducted by the Project Management Institute PMI®.

It is highly regarded as one of the best known credential for validation of experience and vast knowledge expertise of Project Management. Often PMP certified professionals earn a higher reputation, fit for the right Project Management related jobs, and get promoted to next levels and also enhanced remuneration packages.

What is pmp certification eligibility? This is one of the most commonly asked PMP Faq. For one to be eligible for PMP® certification exam, the applicant should meet one of the following criteria.

Four year Bachelor’s degree or above

High School Diploma or equivalent

At least 3 years of Project Management  experience with 4500 Hours of leading & directing projects

At least 5 years of Project Management  experience with 7500 Hours of leading & directing projects

35 Contact Hours of Project Management Formal Education

What is pmp certification processFor the participants who are eligible for applying for PMP® certification, participants have to ensure the application is made to PMI® in written or online format. Filling up the application as desired is generally considered to be quite laborious, tedious and time consuming one time effort. This process of making application is known to be PMP® certification process.

What is pmp re-certification processFor the already passed PMP® professional, it is expected to accrue 60 PDU’s over next 3 years from the date of passing the PMP® exam. Once accrued, the PMP® holder is supposed to submit their evidences of 60 PDU’s to the PMI® before the 3 year term expires along with the re-certification fee. In case of no submit, the PMP® status is lost and there on wards if the person wants to be a PMP® again, one has to go through the entire PMP® certification process. This entire episode is considered as PMP® re-certification process.

What are PDU /PDU’sPDU is an abbreviation of Professional Development Unit. 1 Contact Hour of training is considered as 1 PDU and is provided by the Training Providers and/or Individual Trainers.

How to get pmp certification | register for pmp exam This is yet another one of the most commonly asked PMP Faq.

To register for PMP® exam, one needs to make a fully completed application to PMI® in written or online. After the application is scrutinized and approved by PMI®, the applicant is offered a chance to register for the exam date with an external exam provider like Prodevia or Prometric.

After finishing the exam on the selected date based on the result, the exam provider at the end of the exam will provide a provisional result sheet in a printed sheet with seal and initials/signature on behalf of the PMI®. The actual PMP® certificate will be shipped to the address mentioned in the application. This is how to get PMP® certification by Project Management Institute, PMI®.

How to prepare for PMP exam? This PMP Faq is an outstanding question of all. There are many ways to prepare for the PMP® exam. You may want to follow the extensive research we have already done for you.

The first step would be to register for a formal training on Project Management subject by a well reputed training provider like also considered as Project Management Subject Expert Trainers. Three objectives why you would want to enroll for PMP training should be:

  1. To ensure you gain the 35 Contact Hours of formal training certificate. This enables you to meet the PMP certification eligibility criteria.
  2. To ensure you actually gain knowledge about all Project Management concepts directly relevant to PMP® exam preparation.
  3. To ensure you also gain practical knowledge with clear thought process of which inputs to use, by applying what tools & techniques, and to generate what outputs in any particular process (there are 47 PMI processes) as part of the PMI 5 Process Groups and in which PMI 10 Knowledge Areas.

The second step, by far and the largest one which ensures the participants PMP® success includes the detailed PMBoK self-study, understanding and multiple revisions of PMBoK(Project Management  body of knowledge) guide provided by PMI®. There are many blogs and guides which continuously keep updating the trends on the PMP® exam and give insights about the PMP® preparation along with PMP® exam pass tips.

List of top resources which may help you in different categories:

Top Blogs Top PDF Resource  Top Websites  Listen PM Podcasts
 PMI Voices on Project Management  PMI PMP Handbook  PMI Website  PM Podcast
 Project News Today  PMI PMBoK  APM Website  Parallel Project Management
PM articles by  APM Body of Knowledge Podcasts by GlobalSkillup

What is PMI® membership? For professionals in the Project Management domain, many would consider to be affiliated to professional associations. PMI® (Project Management Institute) offers membership to such professionals who seek to continuously be connected to the network of people, subjects and topics on Project Management   domain.

There are multiple benefits of why one would want to apply for a PMI membership; however the most popular being the first time PMP® aspirants love to download the PMBOK guide for free upon PMI® membership from the website

What is PMBoK? PMBOK is an abbreviation of Project Management   body of knowledge. It is a comprehensive detailed guide about the Project Management   subject matter. The latest edition of PMBoK is the 5th edition which changed in the December 2012.

Value of PMP® certification PMP® is much valued in the organization and means a lot. There are many aspects to talk and discuss about it. We have detailed the same in one of our earlier post pmp-certification-value-a-project-managers-view-point

Cost of PMP® certification Cost of PMP® certification includes two aspects.

  1. Training cost incurred to accrue the formal 35 contact hours of training by training provider.
  2. Certification Exam fee cost, which is paid directly to PMI®.

PMP® certification fees. Most commonly asked PMP Faq. Also known as PMI exam fee cost. For PMI® members, the PMP® certification fees is 544 USD paid to PMI®. For NON-PMI members, the PMP® certification fee is 555 USD paid to PMI®.

PMP® certification books. There are many PMP certification books available in the market.  PMBOK remains the first and primary source of education. However, in generic market there is good reputation for the Rita Macaulay’s PMP preparation book which we often over hear. For a complete set of PMP® certification books, which will directly enable your learning, refer to PMI PMP Reference books.

PMP® certification class | PMP® certification boot camp | Project Management   professional training. In order to meet the PMP exam eligibility of 35 contact hours, it is required to ensure the PMP® aspirant has to undergo a formal education provided by training provider and/or individual trainer. This formal education is often referred to as PMP certification class OR pmp certification boot camp OR Project Management professional training. At, a pioneer in Project Management subject matter conducts such Project Management professional trainings.

PMP® certification questions | PMP® exam questions free. This is one of the most commonly searched google PMP Faq. On the PMP® exam, one would encounter a set of 200 questions over a 4 hours timeframe. From the 200 Questions, 175 PMP® questions are evaluated to qualify for the PMP® pass. Rest of the 25 PMP® questions is pre-test questions which are future PMP® questions.


For the exam preparation perspective, many PMP® aspirants take the PMP® Mock up exams to ensure they are qualified and are confident of the understanding about the subject. Here is a list of many such free PMP® questions available:

  1. Oliver Lehmann – 175 Questions
  2. Tutorials Point – 200 Questions
  3. PasstheProjectExam – 431 Questions

PMP® certification material | Project Management professional study guide. As part of the PMP® certification, the PMP® certification material which is often the condensed notes based on the PMP® exam knowledge is used for preparation towards the exam. Many professionals who pursue the PMP® refer to PMBOK (Project Management body of knowledge) guide as Project Management professional study guide.

PMP® certification in India. In the last few 10 years or so, the entire community of Project Management in India has grown leaps and bounds. Especially the budding professionals who are keen to make big on their career often look up to the PMP certification in India. There are many reputed institutes in India which often encourage providing comprehensive knowledge gain for the PMP® aspirants over the 4 days of training along with the 35 contact hours of formal PMP training certificate.

In the last 2-3 years, a new trend has emerged of professionals coming to tour to India and at the same time learn towards their PMP® certification. These types of PMP® tours have resulted in dramatic reduction in their cost spend while their PMP® certifications remain valid across the globe. 

Online PMP® certification training | PMP® certificate online | Project Management certification online. At the time of increasing costs due to classroom trainings, there are many institutes which are offering the online PMP® certification trainings OR PMP® certificate online for attending the virtual classroom OR Project Management certification online for participation in online teaching classes over web.

However, this method being cost effective has found not to be that great effect in transforming professionals to become true Project Management experts. The reason being simple, in a classroom mode, there is at least 5 to 10x more discussions over a particular topic of interest. Those discussions naturally help all the participants in the class gain the vast amount of knowledge. It is merely impossible to get this type of a response in virtual classroom or classes over webinars.

PMP® certification online training free | PMP® certification free training. At, as part of our commitment to grow the Project Management profession further, we have activated 1last seat offer – PMP® certification online training free and/or PMP® certification free training. This offer provides the lucky one winner for every PMP® batch to grab a free classroom training participation and also get goodies.

PMP certification salary. In many circles, the PMP® certification salary is often referred to being the highest amongst the project managers. There is a significant amount of research conducted by many bodies. However, PMI® Project Management Salary survey is much more comprehensive and conclusive which can be referred here:

A ready PMI Project Management salary survey report, 7th edition is available for download here:

How to get PMP® certification online | online PMP® training and certification. This is also one of the most commonly asked PMP Faq. Register with a training provider who offers the comprehensive online training in conjunction with the PMP® exam sets. Often many training providers provide these exam sets free of cost for the registered training participants. You may want to avail such offers from multitude of training providers.

At being Project Management subject matter experts, we believe to bring the best to you in online trainings soon. Until then you may want to have a look at the best in class PMP® question sets, which actually trigger your mind as like in the real PMP® exam itself.

PMI® registered education providers(REP’s). Many training providers get registered with PMI® also known as PMI® REP’s, to gain visibility to provide trainings across Project Management including PMP® and other PMI® credentials.

However, a common myth among the training participants/PMP® aspirants is that for PMP® training, they would need to register with PMI® REP’s only. This is not true.  Any training provider or trainer, who can vouch to provide valid training on Project Management subject can provide the PMP® training and also offer the required 35 contact hours of formal training certificate to meet the PMP® eligibility.

Free PMP® exam. There are many offers and schemes provided by training providers on PMP® training. Some of them even offer free training seats like the However, the PMP® exam is not a free option; we have seen anywhere considering the exam fee has to be paid directly to the PMI® by the participant along with their individual application. As there is no free lunch, there is no free PMP® exam!

We have tried to answer many common PMP FAQ questions asked by the PMP® aspirants, should there be any further PMP FAQ questions/ambiguities which still keep you puzzled, talk to us for a value advice.

We would be happy to share our Project Management subject matter expertise for you. Alternately drop us an email to with subject line PMP FAQ, we would be thankful to bring such questions to our notice.

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