PRINCE2 Professional

PRINCE2 Professional

 60,000  55,000

  • 3 days Classroom Interactive Workshop
  • Preparation Study Plan by Experts
  • Training Manual PDF copy
  • Training Manual Print copy
  • Case Study based Training Methodology
  • Certification Based on 3 Day Case Study Assessment
  • Lunch & Refreshments Included
  • 100% Money back Guarantee*
  • GlobalSkillup 21 PDUs Certificate

PRINCE2 Professional is Career oriented certification towards upcoming and working Industry Project Managers. PRINCE2 (stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments) Certification is an industry de facto process based method for effective Project Management widely popular in United Kingdom (UK). PRINCE2 is also widely recognised and used in the Information, Communication & Technology (ICT) Projects, both in UK and internationally worldwide.

The PRINCE2 Professional Certification confirms your project management skills in practice and how you lead PRINCE2 projects successfully and with responsibility across all aspects of PRINCE2 Project Management application knowledge.  This is the highest level of PRINCE2 Certification awarded by OGC(office of government of commerce) by UK.

  • Earn much higher than PRINCE2 Practitioners
  • Gain instant reputation across job search market and peers
  • Considered suitable candidates for Project Champion/Sponsor jobs
  • Get promoted constantly for performance to next levels

Who can do PRINCE2 Professional Certification?

  • Project Managers, Aspiring Project Managers
  • Project members, Team Managers
  • Delivery Managers, Business Change Analysts
  • Project, Programme Office Personnel
  • Operational Line Managers

Benefits of PRINCE2 Professional Certification

  • Develop detailed knowledge and understanding of PRINCE2 Practical application concepts
  • Transforms practitioners into masters of Project Management practices
  • Learn day to day use of Project Management terms and terminologies
  • Understand and visualize the templates and working project model

PRINCE2 Project Manager’s Career Mapping

  • Experienced mid-level professionals may expect their median starting salary of Rs. 18 Lakhs or more
  • PRINCE2 helps to kick start their Job search in a more confident manner in UK, Australia & KSA(Saudi)
  • 10 or more years of experienced professionals may transition easily into Senior management roles

PRINCE2 Professional Training Agenda

  • The training workshop comprises essentially of processing a practical scenario under real conditions. Assessment is trying to capture your soft skills to review this alongside your project management skills with PRINCE2. For that reason, you are observed in a group work and asked about your activities. In addition, a personal interview in which you present your skills and knowledge in also taken up during the training.
  • Before the assessment begins, you will receive a briefing and a project scenario. This scenario will be developed in the assessment and forms the basis for your work within the overall assessment.
  • The sessions consist of a group work with 3 to 4 people and are judged by Respective Assessor. In every session they receive additional information and a task which has to be processed in the group. During the assessment several sessions are carried out and the groups are repeatedly reorganized.
  • The written exercise will be processed and evaluated individually. There your skills are reviewed in written version. In the following interview you will be questioned by an assessor in detail. Here you get the opportunity to show skills and expertise, targeted to demonstrate and to present yourself.
  • Assessors search for concrete evidence for your PRINCE2 understanding, your skills and the practical application and implementation of the project in all parts of the assessment. Especially the group discussions and decisions taken are observed and how you contribute to overall, in any given situation and behave is observed.

PRINCE2 Professional Evaluation Format

  • 2.5 days in Assessment Centre Evaluation.
  • Group activities and exercises based on a fictional project case study.
  • No written examination.
  • An Evaluator will gather evidence of relevant knowledge and skills by observing individual’s performance across the group activities and exercises, in one of the 19 performance areas shown below:
1. Prepare Project Product Description 11. Prepare end stage report
2. Prepare Outline Business case 12. Capture Lessons Learnt
3. Design Project Management team structure 13. Prepare a Work Package
4. Tailor corporate strategies 14. Apply issue and Change Control Procedure
5. Perform Product based planning 15. Plan and conduct closing a Project process
6. Apply Risk Management procedure 16. Prepare end Project report
7. Apply Communication Management procedure 17. Interpersonal Skills
8. Plan Project or a stage 18. Manage Team performance
9. Refine business case 19. Manage Self performance
10. Prepare benefits review plan

PRINCE2 Professional Exam Results

Candidates get their results announced within a Week. For the final award of the PRINCE2 qualification, candidates need to achieve rating of 1 against each of the performance criteria and an average rating of 1.6 across all of the criteria. The following elaborates the meaning of various Levels of Pass.

  • Level 0 – failed to present relevant evidence
  • Level 1 – Basic evidence, with one or two direct examples
  • Level 2 – Good evidence, with three or more direct examples
  • Level 3 – Extensive evidence, with six or more direct examples

PRINCE2 “Best in Class” Trainers

We have Industry Benchmarked Management Leaders as PRINCE2 Trainers with minimum of 15+ Years of exposure to variety of real time Projects and are PRINCE2 certified professionals. Our chosen Trainers are cherry picked after a 20-Point qualifying Criteria, dedicatedly working with us.