PMI-ACP PDU Maintenance 30 PDU’s

PMI-ACP PDU Maintenance 30 PDU’s

 10,000  7,500

  • Simple Process to Acquire 30 PDU’s in one go
  • Get PDU’s as early as 3 Working Days
  • Get Knowledge along with PDU’s, not just PDU’s
  • Cost Effective, Self to-do format
  • Instant Download of Study Material and Start Process
  • Pay and start the automated process immediately


PMI-ACP PDU Maintenance Program with 30 PDU’s aims to meet PMI-ACP CCR specified by PMI(Project Management Institute).

PDU Categories

PDU Categories

In order to maintain PMI-ACP with PDU’s, you would need to participate in the training programs/events/conferences offered by GlobalSkillup. At GlobalSkillup, we have simplified the same process. It is very easy to maintain your 30 PDU’s for 3 years.

You may participate in the PMI-ACP PDU Maintenance Program with 30 PDU’s. Steps to follow:

  1. Complete your enrollment for PMI-ACP PDU Maintenance Program with Payment.
  2. We will license an online e-training material for your study to suffice a period of 3 working days.
  3. Complete the study of the content and inform us back.
  4. We will issue you an online assessment with 10 questions(atleast 6 must be correct).
  5. Upon evaluation, GlobalSkillup would issue you the 30 PDU’s certificate.
  6. Copy the details from the GlobalSkillup Certificate to your PMI profile and renew your PMI-ACP for another 3 years.

PMI wants to ensure one’s certified professional has to be competent and needs to stay relevant along with up to date knowledge.

PDU activities must relate to topics that are substantially consistent with the Exam Content Outline for the relevant certification. At GlobalSkillup all PDU training materials are relevant and inline to the PMI CCRS. There are many simple ways to acquire PDUs. GlobalSkillup offers simple, effective, cost-conscious and most relevant content to keep you up to date along with acquiring PDUs fast.

The most promising method of getting PDU’s is to participate in further training programs. Attend education courses or classes in-person or online. We cater for all the mentioned modes. Participating in educational training courses is a traditional and effective way to learn. There are many activities offered by PMI and third-party providers across the globe – the most prominent being GlobalSkillup.