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Program Management Professional is a highly sought after skill globally for managing groups of Projects at a Go. GlobalSkillup provides PgMP Training for Program Management Certification targeted for Experienced Program & Project Managers. Industries seek certified Program Managers (PgMP) capable to handle collection of Projects to meet the organizational strategic goals, increase efficiency of projects, enrich quality of deliverables produced and high amount of optimization at all levels within groups of Projects.

PMI PgMP certification is a standard for Program Management globally across all countries. Certified Program Managers are the most hired professionals & leaders by corporate towards Program Delivery. GlobalSkillup aims to help Program Managers with Training oriented towards achievement of PgMP certification and bring excellence of Program execution. For more detailed information you may also refer here.

Who Should Attend “PMI PgMP” Certification

All Senior Career Management Personnel such as:

  • Sr. Managers & Program Managers
  • Project Managers and Project Directors
  • Quality Heads | Documentation Heads
  • Sr. Consultants & Engineers
  • PMO Consultants & Transition Managers

Benefits of Program Management Professional (PgMP)

  • Build superior understanding of Program Management concepts
  • Transforms practitioners into masters of Program Management practices
  • Learn day to day use of Program Management terms and terminologies
  • Understand and visualize the work flows for Program execution model

PgMP Training Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate real time program implementation understanding
  • Be able to confidently go for PgMP Exam based on handholding support
  • Extensive application of best practices for better productivity
  • You will be confident to submit your application for PgMP
  • You will be able to confidently step forward with exam and achieve

Program Manager’s Career Mapping

  • Experienced senior professionals expect their median starting salary of Rs. 28 Lakhs or more in India
  • Certification also helps to kick start Job search at senior positions in a more confident manner
  • 15+ years of experienced professionals may transition easily into Senior leadership roles

Program Management Professional – Exam Eligibility Criteria

  • Graduation or above. 6000 hours (4+Years) of project management & 6000 hours (4+Years) of program management experience
  • Diploma holders. 6000 hours (4+Years) of project management. 10500 hours (6+ Years) of program management experience

How to define experience for Program Management PgMP Certification?

Program management work experience is defined as:

  • Responsible and accountable for the coordinated management of multiple related projects directed toward strategic business and other organizational objectives.
  • Build credibility, establish rapport, and maintain communication with stakeholders at multiple levels, including those external to the organization.
  • Define and initiate projects, and assign Project Managers to manage cost, schedule, and performance of component projects, while working to ensure the ultimate success and acceptance of the program.
  • Maintain continuous alignment of program scope with strategic business objectives, and make recommendations to modify the program to enhance effectiveness toward the business result or strategic intent.
  • Responsible for determining and coordinating the sharing of resources among their constituent projects to the overall benefit of the program.

Why Join us? Unique selling proposition

With Subject Matter Expertise on Portfolio, Program, Project Management, GlobalSkillup is an Industry Leader of Management Certifications. With excellent quality of proposition we are having testimony of 100’s of happy participants who gained with the right edge we provided. Additionally, GlobalSkillup deep dive understanding on these Management practices clubbed with market research & consulting brings niche added benefit. The course and certificate issued are in line with globally recognized standards. This provides a unique opportunity for participants to take superior value advantage.

Exam Question Breakdown

For more details about Exam Course Outline refer here.

Topic Areas% Number of Questions
Strategic Program Management15%
Program Life Cycle44%
Benefits Management11%
Stakeholder Management16%


Program Management Professional Course Outline & PgMP Training Agenda:

Day 1 chaptersDay 2 chaptersDay 3 chapters
PMI and PgMP Certification and Application Process OverviewProgram Benefits ManagementProgram Stakeholder Management
PMI standard of Program Management·        Introduction to Benefits Lifecycle and alignment of Benefit lifecycle to Program Lifecycle·        Introduction to Program Stakeholder Management
·        Introduction to  Project, Program, Portfolio·        Introduction and Creation of Benefit Dependency Map (BDM)·        Program Stakeholder Identification
·        Program Management, Operation Management and Organizational Strategy·        Scoring Benefits, Finalizing Benefits Path and Preparing Benefit Register·        Stakeholder Engagement Planning and linkage to Communication Management Plan
·        Role of Program Manager·        Packaging Benefits into Program Component·        Stakeholder Engagement
·        Program Manager Skills and Competencies·        Identifying Inter-component and Intra-Component Interfaces
·        Introduction to Portfolio and Program Governance board and Office·        Preparation of BRP (Benefits Realization Plan), Benefits Trajectory and Benefit Distribution MapProgram Lifecycle Management
Program Management Performance Domain ·        Mapping Benefits to Program Management Plan·        Introduction to Program lifecycle
·        Definition of Program management performance domain·        Introduction to Benefits Transition / Sustainment process and its activities definition·        Program Definition phase, it’s sub-phases and activities
·        Program Life-Cycle Phases and ActivitiesProgram Governance Performance Domain·        Program Benefits Delivery Phase and It’s Activities
·        Program Management Performance Domain interaction·        Introduction to Program Governance domain·        Program Closure Phase, its sub-phases and its activities
Program Strategic Alignment·        Prioritized governance goals
·        Organizational Strategy and Program Alignment·        Governance Structure and Composition
·        Program Mandate and Business Case·        Roles and Responsibilities
·        Issue Escalation, Audit and Quality Management

“Program Management Professional” Certification Award

This is a two-step approach to get your PgMP award.

PgMP Level 1 Evaluation: Panel review of Submitted Documented Application. PMI Panel may get in connect with you for more detailed information and request on email for more elaborate answers about your Experience on Projects & Programs. Answering to those detailed information is an expert task. Our assistance towards the application information would help you to pass through the Panel review.

PgMP Level 2 Evaluation: Upon Panel review pass, you may book your 4 Hour Examination. Exam comprises of 170 questions (includes 20 non scoring questions as well). Each question is a multiple choice question. To book your PgMP Exam, visit the prometric test center URL provided by PMI on email after Level 1 Evaluation pass. Upon completion of online examination at Prometric test centre successfully & passing the exam, you would be awarded PgMP certification by PMI. As noticed in the previous exams, PMI exams typically look for around 65% passing score for all PMI exams.

Total Cost of “Program Management Professional” Certification

Training Cost by GlobalSkillup40,000INR
Exam Cost for Non-Members1000USD
Exam Cost for PMI Members800USD


Books to Study for Program Management Professional PgMP Certification

Classroom Study Manual provided by us will be your Primary aid. Remember, we also supplement you with the post training sessions, which also are a huge advantage to our students. In addition to the Classroom Study Manual provided by us, many students also find “Standard for Program Management” by PMI very helpful and useful for both exam and practical standpoint of view.

In case, you still want more to study, please use reference materials indicated by PMI here.


Not sure, if eligible for PgMP or whether this is right certification for your career?

  • Please drop an email to, we will call you to discuss further.


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