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Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (LSSMBB) Certification is a confirmation of acquired level of individual’s capabilities and knowledge of managing and bringing process improvements by using data door approach of Six Sigma. This course is in-line with Internationally Certified ASQ(American Society for Quality).

Completion of this training also provides 45 PDU(Professional Development Units) which may be utilized towards maintenance of other Credentials such as PMP, PMI-ACP, PgMP and so on.

The Lean Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt (LSSMBB) is a professional who possesses exceptional expertise and knowledge of current industry practice. Master Black Belts have outstanding leadership ability, a focus on strategic performance improvement, are innovative, and demonstrate a strong commitment to the practice and advancement of quality.

Obtaining LSSMBB is acceptance and recognition from your peers. The target audience for the LSSMBB are candidates who are or have been employed as MBBs within their organization, or well-qualified, Certified Six Sigma Black Belts who have substantial experience in each of the major topic areas within the portfolio.

Who should attend LSSMBB certification?

Expert Professionals & Leaders in their niche area with Good amount of practical business understanding. Individuals who want to achieve Master Black Belt Credential / to lead and direct Six Sigma /Operational Efficiency Projects / to showcase their Quality Leadership strengths with in their Portfolio in the organization.

Though a minimum of 10 years is expected, generally we see people who are driving business units, large portfolio’s, strategic business units to take advantage of Lean Six sigma principles better.

What is the Course Objective for Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Program?

To provide competency, which is sum total of knowledge, skill and experience (hands-on practice) on Six Sigma Portfolio topics by coaching the Black belts and then verify competence through certification process.

Looking at possible responsibilities and the required skills/experience, it is imperative that not every Black Belt truly has the potential to become a Master Black Belt. For those who have the potential, Master Black Belt training is highly valuable & appreciative of their keen eye on Business. In fact, additional training is something very often requested by Black Belts who want to become a Master Black Belt.

Course Agenda

GlobalSkillup conducts a 8 days program leading to Lean Six Black Master Black Belt certification.

  • First Set of Four Days: Black Belt Training (already certified Black Belts can skip this)
  • 3 Months Time Frame to Take up Any 5 Projects & Perform inline to given criteria
  • LSSMBB Coaching throughout the Master Black Belt journey of 3 Months
  • Second Set of Four Days: Review & Projects Assessment of those 5 Projects

What is expected from LSSMBB after Completion of Certification?

  • Act as Organizational change agent & transform business results.
  • Highly Conversant in strategic planning, leadership, enterprise-wide planning.
  • Ability to facilitate, including coaching and mentoring to successful completion of projects.
  • Proficiency with process improvement concepts and advanced tool based implementation.
  • Strong analytic and problem-solving skills to diagnose & implement measures for Results.
  • Develop solutions and translate complex concepts into understandable examples.
  • Ability to quickly oversee Black Belt’s project profitability and direction for next steps.

Certification Criteria

Participant has to undergo a Review process & Projects Assessment of 5 Projects with an objective based criteria for Profitability, Maximization, Minimization, Optimization, Efficiency and/or Effectiveness.

Results will be validated by LSSMBB Coach and Certification will be awarded inline to IBSSP.org/ASQ guidelines.

Why Join GlobalSkillup LSSMBB program?

Our Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt(LSSMBB) training and certification program has been tremendously beneficial for major corporations.

  • Our Lead Master Black Belt instructor has tremendous understanding & years of experience working with variety of major companies on transforming their Business.
  • Our aim is to make your LSSMBB journey – Easy To Do, Informational, Achievable, Beneficial for you & your Company.


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