Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

 15,000  12,500

  • Expert Trainers – Stanford & IIM
  • 4 Days Class Participation
  • Learn with Case Study
  • Licensed Study Manual
  • 600 Exam Questions
  • 23 Contact Hours Certificate


GlobalSkillup provides CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) Training towards PMI Certification for Novice Project Managers. Project Management is in ever increasing global demand due to industrial growth worldwide. Industries need certified Project Managers capable to handle difficult Projects.

This certification is considered a standard for Project Management globally. CAPM certified Project Managers are most hired by corporates towards Project Delivery. GlobalSkillup aims to help upcoming Project Managers with Certified Associate in Project Management Training oriented towards Project Management excellence.

Who Should Attend Certified Associate in Project Management Certification

All Entry-Mid Level Career Personnel such as:

  • Analyst and Engineers
  • Quality | Documentation Leads
  • Project | Team Leads
  • Consultants & upcoming Project Managers

Benefits of CAPM Course to You

  • Build overview and knowledge on Project Management practice
  • Transform entry level into mid-level Project Management roles
  • Learn day to day application of Project Management terms and terminologies
  • Understand and visualize the Project templates and establish working model

CAPM Training Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate Project real time Understanding on Projects
  • Able to confidently go with CAPM Exam based on Mock exam Prep
  • Extensive application of best practices for better productivity

CAPM Project Manager’s Career Mapping

  • Upcoming professionals may expect a starting salary upwards of INR 12+ Lakhs
  • Certified Associate in Project Management helps to kick start Job search in a more informed confident manner

CAPM Certification Exam Eligibility Criteria

  • Diploma/Graduate or above with Project Management Training of 23 Hours from GlobalSkillup is sufficient

Why Join us? Unique selling proposition for CAPM

With Subject Matter Expertise on Project Management, GlobalSkillup is an Industry Leader. With happy customers and good quality gives participants the right edge. Additionally, GlobalSkillup deep dive understanding on the Project Management practice is an added benefit.

The course and certificate issued are in line with Globally recognized standards. This provides an unique opportunity for participants to take superior value advantage.

CAPM Certification Question Breakdown

PMBOK Guide—6th Edition Chapters Percentage of Questions
3. Integration Management 15%
4. Scope Management 12%
5. Schedule Management 11%
6. Cost Management 12%
7. Quality Management 7%
8. Resource Management 6%
9. Communications Management 8%
10. Risk Management 6%
11. Procurement Management 9%
12. Stakeholder Management 7%
13. Ethics 7%

Certified Associate in Project Management Exam Questions and Format

Total of 150 multiple choice questions to be answered in 3 hours’ time. 15 Questions are pre-test, which are non-scoring questions. 135 Questions are scoring questions based on which the evaluation for CAPM credential will be considered pass. Pass score of Certification has not been disclosed by PMI and is a grey area. To beat the ambiguity, it is recommended to take up sufficient mock exams and then take up the credential exam.

Training Course Content Outline

Introduction to Project Management ProfessionSchedule ManagementCommunications ManagementExam Strategy
Project Framework (with Case study)Cost ManagementRisk ManagementMock Exam Practice Questions
Project Management Process GroupsQuality ManagementProcurement ManagementReview Answers & Logic
Integration ManagementResource ManagementStakeholder ManagementFinal Wrapup & Next Steps
Scope ManagementProfessional & Social Responsibility

“Certified Associate in Project Management” Credential Award

Participants will get the 23 Contact Hours of Project Management Knowledge Proficient certificate towards PMI CAPM Exam requirement from GlobalSkillup after the training course.

Participants upon clearing the PMI CAPM Exam conducted by PMI, will be issued Credential.

Training Calendar

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Total Cost of the Certified Associate in Project Management Certification

Training Cost by Global Skillup for Certified Associate in Project Management(CAPM) 10500+Taxes INR
Exam Cost for Non-Members by PMI 300 USD
Exam Cost for PMI Members by PMI 225 USD

Why Book Online Now?

Booking online enables Instant PDF Download of:
– Strategic Next Steps to Proceed
– Training Material

After order completion, check your Email for the download links.
Alternately, you may login to Account section to download from our website as well.

We congratulate you for taking the first step towards Management career & success!

CAPM Exam Questions – Mock Exam Sample

Question 1: The Scope Baseline consists of the following:

  1. Approved Project Scope Statement , WBS , WBS Dictionary
  2. Preliminary Project Scope Statement,Approved Project Scope Statement , WBS , WBS Dictionary
  3. Scope Management Plan,WBS,WBS Dictionary
  4. Scope Management Plan,Approved Project Scope Statement,WBS Dictionary

Question 2: Which of the following is part of the Perform Quality Assurance process?

  1. Benchmarking
  2. Cost of Quality
  3. Design of experiments
  4. Quality audits

Question 3: Of the following types of contracts – which has the HIGHEST risk for the seller ?

  1. Cost plus fixed fee – CPFF
  2. Time and Material – T and M
  3. Firm Fixed Price Contract – FFP
  4. Cost plus Incentive fee – CPIF

Question 4: What is the purpose of Fish-bone diagram?

  1. To illustrate how various factors might be linked to potential problems or effects
  2. Are used to determine if the processes are in control
  3. Show trends in a process over time
  4. Shows the pattern of relationship between two variables

Question 5: Which of the following best describes Vrooms Expectancy theory ?

  1. Employees will put in efforts dependant on expectancy, valence, and instrumentality
  2. Employee motivation is not achievable – employees must be forced to get things done
  3. Hygiene factors will ensure that job dissatisfaction not occur – however it does not ensure job satisfaction
  4. People have needs starting with Physiological Needs and ending with self actualization

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