What is Initial Basic Feasible Solution IBFS?

The solution of Minimization in operations research (also known as optimization) for our advantage in any scenario let it be transportation, resources, cost. This involves Initial solution to the given balanced Transportation Problems or Resource Allocation or Cost Allocation problem. This is known as Initial Basic Feasible Solution (IBFS). It is required to derive an initial feasible solution; the only requirement is that the destination needs be met within the constraints of source supply.

What are the different methods to find Initial Basic Feasible Solution IBFS

1. North-West Corner Rule (NWCR)
2. South-East Corner Rule (SECR)
3. Row Minima Method (RMM)
4. Column Minima Method (CMM)
5. Matrix Minima Method (MMM) or Least cost Method (LCM) or Inspection Method.
6. Vogel’s Approximation Method (VAM) or Vogel’s Method of Penalty

The most commonly used being NWCR. A sample diagram depicts the same here: