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Why Lean Six Sigma when Six Sigma Methodology exists?

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Lean Six Sigma Methodology and Six Sigma are two common methods under continuous improvement umbrella that businesses use to help improve quality and efficiency. They truly compliment each other and if applied in union, yields powerful and profitable results for the company. I am working in continuous improvement space for over 8 years now, first as Black Belt, then as Master Black Belt and now as Global Leader for CSI function.  I have used different methodologies at different times and different situations to yield results and all of them have helped me deliver great value to the business. Lean Six Sigma Methodology Even after so many years, one topic that has come up again and again and intrigue me is the ongoing debate regarding Lean vs Six Sigma, its merits & which one should be followed while streamlining business processes and eliminating waste out of process. Even among experts, both these approaches have their propagators and detractors who [...]

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