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Thinking Project Management? Bangalore-based GlobalSkillup is the prime destination for Corporates.

GlobalSkillup is a firm which did not exist 5 years back. Today, it caters to majority of the corporates on Project Management consulting, advisory services and learning. From the infinite number of years, Project Management has been in existence to get work done in a structured manner for the mankind. Every Project, be it constructing a small house to constructing a large island to inhabitat people, we need Project Management. Enabling this type of managing end to end on Projects, is made simple by us. The Inception Founder & CEO Hari S Krishna, is the person behind the GlobalSkillup. His span of career in management enabled him to think in that line of thought. He worked on the jobs with likes of SAP Labs, Hewlett Packard and others; which taught him the practical experience about Project management, Customer management, Operations management, Delivery management and Quality management. Using the expertise gained, he visualised the first steps of starting. Since the [...]

Project Progress Report for Major Stakeholders (AKA Weekly Status Report)

Project Progress Report for Major Stakeholders Project Progress Report for Stakeholders of any project would need a significant amount of dedicated reporting about the Project status. This means the project manager has to ensure that all the vital parameters of the project are again and again reported on an ongoing basis with a predefined frequency. Some of the most important parameters or reporting elements must include key points which can give the stakeholders confidence the project progress is moving in the right direction. In majority of the projects the significant parameters are identified in consultation with the stakeholders and sometimes these are predefined by the PMO in any organisation. Although the project manager is given a free hand to report any other additional significant parameters other than what has been asked already for. Sample Project Progress Report For example let us take the IT project, typically the IT project stakeholders demand milestones, deliverables, risks, productivity, utilisation and feature completion. [...]

Interconnection between Project, Program & Portfolio Management

Project Program Portfolio Management from Organization point of view Project Program Portfolio in any organization plays a vital role towards overall strategic implementation of the organization's vision. Right prioritization and action by executive management leads to better overall engagement. Across the large organizations, you will find often these interconnections of the entire functioning of the management as depicted here in the organizational chart. Project Management Develops and implements plans to achieve a specific scope that is driven by the objectives of its program and, ultimately, organizational strategy. It is largely concerned with achieving specific deliverable's that support specific organizational objectives. Project is a temporary endeavor with a beginning and end, undertaken to create a unique product, service or result. Project management is a science and art to apply the knowledge, skills, tools & techniques to activities to meet project requirements. Program Management Harmonizes its project and program components, and manages their inter-dependencies in order to realize specified benefits. It focuses [...]

PMP certification training and exam prep in Project Management

Best PMP Certification Training and PMI PMP Exam prep in Project Management by GlobalSkillup is very popular amongst the management certifications looked upon by Industry practitioners and Professionals. Let us give you an insight about the same. What is PMP? PMI PMP (Project Management Professional) is a Globally recognized Management Credential well demanded by many Industries for recruitment of Project Managers. The PMP credential readily showcases to employer community, the clients and peers that an individual has great amount of project management knowledge, experience and skills to bring projects to successful completion. Over every year passed, the PMP credential has been even more demanded with better salary, reputation and also recognition for credential holders. PMP Certification Training for PMP Exam PMP Training by GlobalSkillup gives you the edge and equips you to pass the PMP certification in first attempt. Our track record has been impeccable and our participants are overwhelmed with the support & guidance we provide them on PMP journey. This spans [...]

Passed PMP in first Attempt!

This is the excited reaction; we see when someone passes their PMI PMP(Project Management Institute - Project Management Professional) certification exam in their first attempt. We know that is a great deal. Why would someone be so excited and caring about passing the PMP exam in first attempt? As if they just reached the Mount Everest, the top of the world. The reasons are obvious; PMP is not so simple to get through as it looks to be on the outlook. Should you have heard, "it is that easy", think again and do your research well before you embark. The foremost word, the PMBoK guide has changed from 4th edition to 5th edition in 2012 and the exam has adopted change in 2013. 1.  Each PMP exam version has changed over period drastically than ever based on new editions of PMBoK. Recently, we happen to come across the blog “How to Pass PMP Exam on First Try” by Dick [...]

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