PMP Cost for PMI Certification Exam in 2019

PMP Cost for PMI Certification Exam is often asked by many people time and again. PMP will definitely give you the advantage in the career, however, the cost is the most often part people are scared about to incur. PMP Cost for Certification Project Management Professional (PMP) Credential is offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). This is one of the best & most prestigious project management certification for practicing project management professionals, recognized internationally. Project managers are often benchmarked on this certification for hiring them in the Corporates. PMP Certification by PMI can be broken down into multiple costs and sections. Section 1: PMP 35 Contact Hours Training Cost Section 2: PMP Exam Cost Section 3: PMI Membership Cost towards PMP Section 4: PMP Maintenance or Renewal Cost towards 60 PDUs Section 5: PMP Reexamination for failing students Section 6: Hidden PMP Costs Let us understand all the costs pertaining to the Project management professional (PMP) program in [...]

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Get PMI Certifications PDUs Renewal Online Free

Get PMI Certifications PDUs Renewal Online Free for PMI PMP Certification Renewal CCRS focuses on getting you acquainted on Certification Renewal process. A detailed article to understand end to end about PDUs. What are PDUs? PDUs are Professional Development Units, necessary for maintaining Project Management Institute (PMI) Certified Credentials. You can easily get PMI Certifications PDUs Renewal Online Free. They are a part of PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program. One PDU is equivalent to one hour of project management training. PMPs and other PMI credential holders can claim PDUs by visiting PMI’s web site. After logging into PMI Website, click claim PDUs for valid credential holders in the CCRS. How to Maintain PDUs? In order to maintain your PMI credential you will need to amass a certain number of PDUs within a three year period. Suppose you pass exam in 14 November 2018, you need to acquire the PDU's before 14 November 2021 and report them to PMI. [...]

Thinking Project Management? Bangalore-based GlobalSkillup is the prime destination for Corporates.

GlobalSkillup is a firm which did not exist 5 years back. Today, it caters to majority of the corporates on Project Management consulting, advisory services and learning. From the infinite number of years, Project Management has been in existence to get work done in a structured manner for the mankind. Every Project, be it constructing a small house to constructing a large island to inhabitat people, we need Project Management. Enabling this type of managing end to end on Projects, is made simple by us. The Inception Founder & CEO Hari S Krishna, is the person behind the GlobalSkillup. His span of career in management enabled him to think in that line of thought. He worked on the jobs with likes of SAP Labs, Hewlett Packard and others; which taught him the practical experience about Project management, Customer management, Operations management, Delivery management and Quality management. Using the expertise gained, he visualised the first steps of starting. Since the [...]

PMBOK 6 for PMP Exam Preparation – Changes Introduced by PMI

PMBOK 6 edition by PMI PMBOK 6 for PMP Exam Preparation - Changes Introduced by PMI are quite interesting and essential. PMBOK 6 Guide for those who already completed PMBOK 5 Training and stepping up to PMBOK 6th edition. From PMBOK5 to PMBOK6, there are quite a few changes to digest. This is applicable for both PMP & CAPM exam takers.   PMBOK 6 for PMP Exam Preparation vital changes: #1. New Chapter Introduced. “The Role of Project Manager” – Emphasis on Project Manager Daily Functions #2. Couple of Chapters were Renamed. Time Management became Schedule Management Human Resource Management became Resource Management #3. Few New Processes Got Added. Integration Management & Executing Process Group: Manage Project Knowledge Risk Management & Executing Process Group: Implement Risk Response Resource Management & Monitoring & Controlling Group: Control Resources #4. Some of Existing Process were Renamed. Performa Quality Assurance became Manage Quality Plan Human Resource Management became Plan Resource Management Control Communications [...]

PMP Exam Preparation Strategy

PMP Exam Preparation Strategy by GlobalSkillup is one of the Best in the market to give you the starting point advantage. PMP Exam Preparation module entails one to understand few special considerations one has to follow to increase the chances of being successful to start thinking the PMI® way. Also, a couple of tips, tricks and generic information which need to be kept in purview when participating in the exam itself. Following the guidance will increase the likelihood of one being success at the PMP® exam. Learn few special considerations about how to participate in the exam Apply some of the tips, tricks and the way the questions need to be understood What does the PMP exam test? Your knowledge to apply the concepts Your understanding & interpretability of the concepts Your ability to judge professionally & ethically correct and act Your conscience to think in the right manner & direction PMP exam tests your physical ability! Guess not! Exam also [...]

PMP Exam Questions Distribution Pattern

PMP Exam Questions Distribution Pattern post the change has been discussed below. The new PMP exam change already happened on 11th Jan 2016. The PMBOK edition remains 5th edition as such – no change in that. The questions framed in exam are based on the PMP Domain Tasks established by PMI. There are several new tasks published in this new PMP exam change in 2016. For more details on that domain tasks, refer more details our blog. In terms of the PMP Exam Questions distribution is as follows. Area of Questions Percentage Wise Questions Initiating 13% 26 Planning 24% 48 Executing 31% 62 Monitoring & Controlling 25% 50 Closing 7% 14 Totals 100% 200 PMI’s code of conduct remains distributed across the 5 Process Groups Exam Questions as always. Total of 200 multiple choice questions to be answered in 4 hours’ time. 25 Questions are pre-test, which are non-scoring questions. 175 Questions are scoring questions based on which the [...]

Join PMP Training. PMI Chapter Trainings or GlobalSkillup?

Join PMP Training. This is a tough dilemma for many would be PMP aspirants. Should I go for this Training or that Training option? At GlobalSkillup, we often hear from our participants to make a few comparisons, though we see every institution and every company has their own strengths and capabilities, we have made a simple study and highlighted few sections interesting for our participants. Please take a look. Unique Proposition Value of PMI Chapter as noticed in the Industry: PMI Chapters are extended hands of PMI itself and provides good quality PMP trainings. The trainings itself are provided by volunteer trainers who are industry working professionals apart from their regular day to day job & passion to be a volunteer. The trainings are primarily oriented & driven based on professionals work experience. Trainings are usually conducted on 2 weekends or 4 days of duration. Unique Proposition Value of GlobalSkillup as noticed in the Industry: The are Project Management [...]

PMP Exam Passing Score

PMP Exam Passing Score is very important to understand for PMP Exam takers. This article emphasizes on the same aspect. Please go on to read more about it. What is the PMP Exam Passing Score? Many aspirants going for the PMP (Project Management Professional) Exam often ask this question in my batches and often ask my sales team also during enrollments. PMI (Project Management Institute) itself has not disclosed any passing score for the PMP exam. PMI had stopped to disclose what is the PMP passing score after 2007 for all PMI Credential exam takers. The overall pass is still based on a score which PMI has in their backdrop. PMP exam takers get to see an overall pass/fail in the exam results. Along with grading of their performance in 5 PMP Process Group areas, such as Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling, Closing and 1 Special area Professional & Social Responsibility. Grading in these 6 areas results in PMP Exam Passing Score [...]

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New PMP Exam Change

New PMP Exam change will embrace new change in content outline on 11 Jan 2016. The PMP examination is a vital part of the activities leading to receive a professional credential, PMP examination indicates the practices of the project management practitioner. What would be the upcoming new PMP Exam change? Exam Format of four hours and multiple choice itself remains same, including the scoring pattern and including the PMBOK 5th edition knowledge curriculum. As always, PMP Exam is based on Course Content Outline published by PMI(Project Management Institute) which emphasizes on Tasks in Performance domains. Exam is based on scenario based questions created from various tasks performed by Project Manager.  These domain tasks were defined way back, few years ago. Questions are all primarily based on these scenarios coming out of these domain tasks of Project Management Profession. PMI has upgraded the domain tasks to add a few more based on today’s project managers new role in Project Management based on existing new [...]

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PMP Exam Formulas – Free online PDF Download!

Project Managers "best aid" in performing their operations involves widespread application of mathematical formulas in relation to the 10 project management knowledge areas. Project Managers & Project management professionals looking to be future PMI PMP credential certified professional needs to understand the application of mathematical formulas in context of the situation at hand. Memorization of the formulas alone will not aid the PMP aspirants ace the PMP exam. Professionals need to have deep insights on how to effectively perform the required computations. This requires the project management skill and diligence of the subject matter to ensure the problems are resolved in the right direction correctly. While there are many methods to memorize the formulas & go about PMP exam, the most prominent one which has brought success for PMP aspirants is discussed here. 5 Simple steps to PMP Success with mathematical inspiration During your PMP preparation, write down the formulas over a piece of paper on a daily mode until the exam day.  A [...]

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Passed PMP in first Attempt!

This is the excited reaction; we see when someone passes their PMI PMP(Project Management Institute - Project Management Professional) certification exam in their first attempt. We know that is a great deal. Why would someone be so excited and caring about passing the PMP exam in first attempt? As if they just reached the Mount Everest, the top of the world. The reasons are obvious; PMP is not so simple to get through as it looks to be on the outlook. Should you have heard, "it is that easy", think again and do your research well before you embark. The foremost word, the PMBoK guide has changed from 4th edition to 5th edition in 2012 and the exam has adopted change in 2013. 1.  Each PMP exam version has changed over period drastically than ever based on new editions of PMBoK. Recently, we happen to come across the blog “How to Pass PMP Exam on First Try” by Dick [...]

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