PMBOK 6 for PMP Exam Preparation – Changes Introduced by PMI

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PMBOK 6 edition by PMI

PMBOK 6 for PMP Exam Preparation – Changes Introduced by PMI are quite interesting and essential. PMBOK 6 Guide for those who already completed PMBOK 5 Training and stepping up to PMBOK 6th edition. From PMBOK5 to PMBOK6, there are quite a few changes to digest. This is applicable for both PMP & CAPM exam takers.


PMBOK 6 for PMP Exam Preparation vital changes:

#1. New Chapter Introduced.

  • The Role of Project Manager” – Emphasis on Project Manager Daily Functions

#2. Couple of Chapters were Renamed.

  • Time Management became Schedule Management
  • Human Resource Management became Resource Management

#3. Few New Processes Got Added.

  • Integration Management & Executing Process Group: Manage Project Knowledge
  • Risk Management & Executing Process Group: Implement Risk Response
  • Resource Management & Monitoring & Controlling Group: Control Resources

#4. Some of Existing Process were Renamed.

  • Performa Quality Assurance became Manage Quality
  • Plan Human Resource Management became Plan Resource Management
  • Control Communications became Monitor Communications
  • Control Risks became Monitor Risks
  • Plan Stakeholder Management became Plan Stakeholder Engagement
  • Control Stakeholder Engagement became Monitor Stakeholder Engagement

#5. Basic betterment in terms of terminology.

  • An Increased Glossary Section with more additions including Agile Terminology as well.
  • For example: Emotional Intelligence, Master Schedule, Project Team Directory…

#6. New Section on Agile Introduced for First time.

  • As more and more organizations are moving towards Agile & Scrum variants of Implementation, PMI has updated its guide to project management inline to the same. This new section comes with close to 100 pages, 6 chapters & one Call to Action request by PMI from fellow Agile & Scrum practitioners to provide feedback.

#7. PMBOK is broken into multiple sections.

  • Part 1: A guide to the Project Management Body of knowledge
  • Part 2: The Standard for Project Management
  • Part 3: Agile Practice Guide

Note to Exam Takers on PMBOK 6 Edition:

PMI offers multiple credentials which are dependent on the PMBOK guide. Such as PMP®, CAPM®. New edition introduced by PMI, the PMBOK 6th Edition has impact on both the exams. Here are the expected changes in the exam.

PMP Exam Takers:

People taking up the PMP Certification Exam are supposed to prepare based on the 6th edition since the exam will be updated in line to the new terms, terminology & adaptations of context from the processes defined in the 6th edition. Although, it is not a major change in terms of exam for PMP exam, since majority of questions are always scenario based for PMP.

CAPM Exam Takers:

People taking up CAPM Certification exam, need to take in detail understanding and hop on to learning the 6th edition in great length, especially on the ITTO’s. Since the CAPM exam is primarily focuses on the ITTO’s (Inputs, Tools & Techniques, Outputs).

Special Consideration on Agile for Exam:

  • Will the PMP exam consists of Agile related questions? No. PMI has clarified the same that the exam will be based only on the PMI PMBOK 6 guide.


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Project Manager PMO with PMP

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Project Manager PMO has Significant role to Play. Let us Learn more about same.

Why PMP and What is it for Project Manager in PMO?

PMP is a global certification valued across industries and countries provided by the Project Management Institute PMI. This credential can be taken up anywhere across the world by the qualified professionals. PMP looks great on the Project Managers resume and gets Project management careers especially Project Manager PMO role easily based on the certification as such. This also proves that an individual has required relevant Project management experience.

Is PMO important in Organization?

PMO stands for Project Management Office in Corporates. PMO establishes authority for the planning of Programs and Projects under the organizational portfolio. Allocating required resources for Project managers like Project Cost, Project Machines, Project Staff and of course the alignment of Projects to the organizational priorities. PMO is important in organization to steer multiple priorities with focussed and guided approach to achieve business vision.

Pmbok Guide for Project Manager

Project Management Institute(PMI) has established a project managers guide to understand the project management framework. This guide is constantly updated with new trends of project managers practice and philosophy. PMBOK itself is industry agnostic and provides generic understanding for upcoming project managers. In fact people thinking and planning to take up PMP certification and training study rigorously through this PMBOK PDF guide. The latest guide release was PMBOK 5th edition in 2013. New PMBOK 6th edition is due in 2017 Q1 end.

Project Management PDF book by PMI as PMBOK

PMBOK by PMI is alternately referred by many as Project Management PDF book and is considered a Project Managers bible to decode the Project management framework and functioning of Project Managers role in a PMO.

Project Planning brings Effectiveness

Often we hear projects fail dramatically. From the PMI’s pulse of the profession magazine released in 2015, it was again evident that improper gathering of the requirements and change in requirements, not planned effectively by Project Manager stood out in proportion to the failures of the Project. To bring effectiveness of the Projects success, planning plays a crucial element. Project Manager especially needs to learn the art of managing multiple pieces across the board of the project from gathering requirements to managing the changes and to effective communications in the project. All this requires detailed Project Planning.

Project Management for Project’s Success

Project is typically considered a success only upon achieving primary parameters defined in the Project Management such as Scope, Time, Cost and Quality. Though there are several other parameters too. Focused result oriented Project Management ensures Project’s success and needs to be adhered to.

Resource Management for Better Project Management

One of the foremost element of Project management is better and effective productivity of Project resources. Managing people to get the best outcomes is a crucial task for project managers. Especially people who are key resources on the project and their performance on the project matters a lot. Keeping a close vigil across resource usage compared to the planned use of resources is very important for the delivery of the Project success on Time, Scope, Cost and Quality.

MS Project or Microsoft Project: Tools for Project Manager

To effectively plan the Project, Project Manager needs tools which could aid and help achieve the results on the Project. Most prominent project management tool across the world is considered as MS Project (also known as Microsoft Project). This is a very easy to use tool with lot of sophistication for driving the projects.  Many wizards are inbuilt in the tool which can aid the new Project Managers to get started with it easily, not just only a tool for experienced Project Managers. Primavera is considered to be the next best tool with sophistication for Project management. For project managers who need much more simpler tool prefer usually Microsoft Excel sheets.

Project Manager PMO or PMP Project Manager

World wide demand for Project Manager PMO has been ever increasing year after year. Corporates have started especially, to hire PMP Project managers compared to regular Project managers. This behavioral change in the hiring patterns across the world has tremendously boosted PMP certification for Project Managers making them Project Manager PMO. In fact, in multiple surveys conducted by various bodies, it is evident time and again that certified professional PMP Project Managers earn at least 20% or higher in the market.

Join for your better understanding about the Project Management Careers in and outside PMO.