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Lead your Career like a Tom Cruise! Take swift direction.

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Which project management certification should I go for? There are many certifications available in market for Project management career like PMP, CAPM, PRINCE2, CSM, PMI-ACP and so on. PMP, CAPM & PRINCE2 primarily focus on Waterfall methodology. PMP (Project Management Professional provided by PMI) has a great reputation and also readily tells you that you got the required experience, education and also the right exposure to end to end fo Project management. This is considered to be a global certification since almost every industry employees PMP Professionals. Very popular and widely known across HR managers too. Almost for every 100 jobs posted across the world 80-85% will be primarily looking for such certification. CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management provided by PMI) has also good standing in the market for entry level project rookies. This primarily focuses to ensure only on the knowledge part and does not account on the industry exposure. For entry level, for every 100 jobs [...]

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Certifications that will land a great job & career opportunity!

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Professional Certifications that will help land on a great job & career opportunity in project management! For any profession, there are multiple bodies and certifications available in the world. We have already done the homework on behalf of you to identify that perfect body or institution with the recognized certification for you to be on par in the project management stream. Here are the widely & globally recognized valuable benchmark certification programs, Armadillo Consultants helps you prepare in the line of achievement of the same. However, before we look into them, let us ask. Why Certifications? There are multiple dimensions one could look at. The most prominent three logic's being: Transforming aspiring newbies, rookies, practitioners into true professionals & leaders of tomorrow. Certifications ensure that the understanding, skills and education are on par with respect to a benchmark of the industry or a business line. Since certifications are globally accredited, professionals naturally gain a global advantage to be competitive and are acknowledged professional to take [...]

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