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Best training institute for Six Sigma Certification

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Best training institute for Six Sigma certification. This dilemma to find some of the best institutes goes on in the mind of six sigma participants across the world. There are multitude of training companies and solutions offered by various institutions across the world. However, there are few who simply standout of these mushroom of learning options. One such institution, exceptionally known across worldwide is GlobalSkillup.

Best training institute for Six Sigma Certification

Best training institute for Six Sigma Certification –

Why GlobalSkillup for Six Sigma Certification?

GlobalSkillup offers Six Sigma program both in classroom and online mode based on recognized syllabus like ISO, EFQM, ASQ and IBSSP. We conduct Green Belt and Black Belt training in Lean Six Sigma and provide internationally recognized certification by GlobalSkillup.

Training is provided by leading industry experts and consultants with more than 15 years of experience.  We have helped various organization implement Lean and Six Sigma.  We provide project support over a period of 1 year post training to help you become experts in Lean Six Sigma.  GlobalSkillup is one of the Worlds most reputed Six Sigma Institute and premier learning center for Six sigma professionals.

Best training institute for Six Sigma certification

High quality Six sigma learning offered by GlobalSkillup program covers the most contemporary process improvement practices adopted by leading organizations and proponents of Lean Six Sigma in service industry as well as engineering firms within the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, & Control), DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) and IDOV (Identify, Design, Optimize and Verify) frameworks.

Six Sigma is not just an improvement methodology that uses the DMAIC – Define – Measure – Analyze – Improve – Control framework, but it also is a System of management to achieve lasting business leadership and top performance applied to benefit business, customers, associates and shareholders in any sector.  According to Michael George, author of the best seller Lean Six Sigma, “Rapid improvement requires both Lean and Six Sigma as an amalgamated approach”.  This program is equally applicable for Service / BFSI / BPO / IT IS / KPO/ HR/ Manufacturing / Healthcare / Pharma/ Finance or any other sector.

What is Six Sigma?

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What is Six Sigma? This is the very first questions it comes to mind when someone asks about quality. At GlobalSkillup, we have thought about answering the very basic question. Go on to read more.

What is Six Sigma?

Sigma is a letter in the Greek Alphabet.  As a letter (∑), Sigma is used as a symbol for sums and series in which each term is computed from the previous one by adding (or subtracting).

More about Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a Business Management Strategy which was developed by Biill Smith who is also referred as father of Six Sigma.  He was working in Motorola,USA, when he developed this methodology/ strategy (in 1981).  Six Sigma is a methodology for continuous improvement using which process centering or variation between parts is controlled to bring process efficiency and reduce defects.  We can also refer this as problem solving technique using statistical approach.  It improves the quality of any process by identifying and removing the causes of defects and reducing variability.  When we say a process is six sigma, we mean process accuracy is 99.9997% and has an opportunity of only 3.4 defects per million.

What is Six Sigma

What is Six Sigma

Let us brief more detail about Six Sigma

The true meaning of Six Sigma is the center of the process is away from the nearest specification limit (USL or LSL) by six standard deviations/ Sigma of the process.  Six Sigma not just helps you improve your process performance by reducing cost of poor quality and cost of quality but also improves your business sales and thus improving revenue and profits by providing competitive edge to your company in enhancing customer satisfaction.  Higher sigma value for your process would indicate lower variation and thus producing fewer defects.  Once your confidence in the process goes up, you can reduce cost of quality by monitoring only statically important sample instead of entire lot.  Monitoring of sample is still required to catch increase in variation and ensure process stays on track.

How to get Six Sigma Certifications?

GlobalSkillup provides Six sigma certifications from the very basic Green belt to advanced Master Black belt training. Reach us out or visit this six sigma section for more details on the training’s and how to get your Six Sigma Certification.

Still looking for more details about Six Sigma? You may also find this section interesting to read on Six Sigma on Wikipedia.