Secrets & treasure they do not want you to know about PMP!

Secrets & treasure they do not want you to know about PMP!

PMP aspirants! Discover the secrets & treasure for you to crack PMI’s PMP.

Before I share that, a short foreword.

Being a PMP Credential holder myself for many years, I have experienced the dramatic transformation of the way I used to handle projects & clients; to the new way I did that in a more profitable way couple of years back. So, if your goal is just to crack through PMP, think again. PMP offers more than just being a credential to your existence.

One is no good, by having a PMP credential alone. One needs to understand the concepts, apply them in practice as well. It is not practical to believe, one would get a chance to work end to end of all Project management knowledge areas in their early career. The work around to such situation is, when moving through PMBoK topics, come up with imaginary Project management scenarios and simulate the experience in mind. Behave the way, if you encountered such a situation and respond with act accordingly. Let these simulations become experience which will enable for PMP exam.

After writing the last blog, a few days back “Passed PMP in first attempt“,  I still believed there are still many PMP aspirants out there, who would ask me the same question again. In fact, many customers at Armadillo Consultants; seek clarification on their project management career and their project management certifications  related questions, speak the same line.

Can you give me some tips, cheats & real PMP exam questions, to pass through PMP certification quick & fast? Am shedding some light on this aspect through the blog for my already answered customers (they already have the answer, just for reference here for them again) and the prospective new customers who may be looking out for such a quick deal.

Tips. Definitely, one will find a ton of them as they search it out & talk to people. I have listed top 10 super-like tips(call them 10 master commandments for your PMP success) based on what worked for participants on their PMP exams.

  1. Always believe you are working on a mega scale projects before you even think of answering any question. Imagine you running such a mammoth size of project. Enhances 70 to 90% of your answers in correct direction.
  2. Always answer questions after you have identified the organizational structure the question is posed from. The best bet when you are not able to arrive at organizational structure would be to consider “Projectized organization”. Enhances 30 to 50% of your answers in correct direction.
  3. Always remember before answer, you are an ideal project manager running an ideal project – not your regular office project. Enhances 20 to 40% of your answers in correct direction.
  4. Did you visualize entire 47 Project management processes in each of those Process group & Knowledge Area it belongs to? That is great. Enhances 60 to 90% of your answers in correct direction.
  5. On any project scenario, you will always apply all the 5 Process groups, 10 Knowledge areas, 47 Project management processes.  Enhances 20 to 30% of your answers in correct direction.
  6. Given a project situation, always be in the base assumption that the project is in monitoring & controlling state. Unless explicitly mentioned or indicated. Enhances 10 to 30% of your answers in correct direction.
  7. Did you spend extra time to understand and apply SPI & CPI on projects and what the Index numbers mean practically? Enhances 5 to 10% chances of your answers in correct direction.
  8. Did you learn to solve the mathematical calculations in real time project scenarios. Enhances 30 to 70% of your answers in correct direction.
  9. Practice the PMI professional code of ethics and responsibilities in real life. Enhances 20 to 40% of your answers in correct direction.
  10. Ensure you have simulated 4 hours type of a real-exam like attempt before going in for actual PMP exam. Keeping oneself calm, composed for a long duration of 4 hours is very essential for exam success. Plan sufficient breaks with regular intervals.

Bonus Tip: Project Managers always act “proactively” first. Enhances 50 to 80% of your answers in correct direction.

Cheats. There are no cheats one can or will be able to apply on practical PMP based questions. Every question is a practical scenario which needs application of your knowledge in practice. It is simply not practical to think one can even apply Cheats.

Real PMP exam questions. Aha! Let that not even step on your mind to find some real PMP exam questions. I would recommend to read the PMI PMP Handbook (for some real insights on the questions) & PMI Professional Code of ethics available on the PMI website to get acquainted with PMI rules and guidelines.

In fact, the exam changes often that, “what one would read” may not even appear on their exam next month. Hence, my recommendation, do not waste valuable time fooling by googling it out. Just go to PMBoK guide and study well many times. There is no secret for your real hard earned PMP success. Still looking for free some sort of PMP exam questions? Ok, I got that time saved for you. Here are the free 3000+ PMP preparation questions compiled by Oliver. Now go back to your PMBoK guide and start studying again.

Were you able to discover the secrets & treasure, which many PMPs will not want you to know?

The answer! You got to grill with PMBoK guide several iterations. Solving hundreds and hundreds of questions may help you 10-20% of PMP Exam questions. However, Studying at least several times the PMBoK guide along with concrete concepts of Project Management formal training by professional project management expert training institutes like Armadillo Consultants, will help you succeed on PMP Exam by 80-100%.

We would love to read your opinion & your own PMP success story/learning’s. Appreciate your valuable comments.

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