Quality Control Circle Concepts for Six Sigma

Quality Control Circle (QCC) is a working group of few staff to contribute to the resolution of problems in the organizational quality and or improvement of the overall organization. Group’s intent is to increase the staff morale with good quality product development and as well of Organization quality itself. Teams are engaged with QCC such that the staff development as well takes place with untapped potential for improvement.

Quality Circle

Also known as Quality circles, originated in Japan in 1962 by Mr.Kaoru Ishikawa. The Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) coordinated the movement in Japan for the QCC.

Quality Control Circle

In any given organization, QCC can be established upon team’s voluntary participation or through management guidance. Typically to resolve the problems or improve the organization, QCC takes advantage of 7 Quality Control tools.

Seven Quality Control Tools

  1. Cause-and-effect diagrams (Ishikawa “fishbone” diagram)
  2. Process Flowcharts
  3. 80-20 Pareto charts
  4. Check sheets (Process mapping tool)
  5. Histograms (Bar charts, Pie charts)
  6. Run charts and Control charts
  7. Scatter plots (Correlation Analysis)

Quality Control Circle Organizational Structure

Almost in all sectors like Services, Manufacturing and any other could implement the QCC. Representation for a typical QCC is depicted in the below diagram.


Quality Control Circle

Quality Control Circle

Top 5 QCC Advantages

Quality Control Circle (QCC) increase Operational Efficiency, Improved Quality, and Promotes Innovation. The top 5 most advantages as noticed are:

  1. Enhanced Team Spirit: Reduced team member conflicts and enhanced the concept of group work.
  2. Right Attitude: Team members positive attitude towards work increases due to involvement of making it better.
  3. Untapped Potential: Team members discover themselves their new skills and taps the hidden potential.
  4. Fostering Work Environment: Team members feel respected and increased sense of decision making from small to big.
  5. Increased Productivity: Team betterment with automation by improvement of manual work processes, cost saving with ideas.


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