PMP Exam Formulas – Free online PDF Download!

PMP Exam Formulas – Free online PDF Download!

Project Managers “best aid” in performing their operations involves widespread application of mathematical formulas in relation to the 10 project management knowledge areas. Project Managers & Project management professionals looking to be future PMI PMP credential certified professional needs to understand the application of mathematical formulas in context of the situation at hand.

Memorization of the formulas alone will not aid the PMP aspirants ace the PMP exam. Professionals need to have deep insights on how to effectively perform the required computations. This requires the project management skill and diligence of the subject matter to ensure the problems are resolved in the right direction correctly.

While there are many methods to memorize the formulas & go about PMP exam, the most prominent one which has brought success for PMP aspirants is discussed here.

5 Simple steps to PMP Success with mathematical inspiration

  1. During your PMP preparation, write down the formulas over a piece of paper on a daily mode until the exam day.  A word of caution: Do not be tempted by technology to use mobile gadgets to memorize. Use hands to write, while you see with your eyes; human brains are hard-wired to synchronize & digest information in subconscious mind effectively this way.

  2. Recall how these formulas are applied in context of knowledge area & process group.

  3. Repeat steps 1 & 2, until you are confident of the formulas. Without looking up in to PMI PMBoK guide(change in the PMBoK guide) or self notes.

  4. Many PMP participants have successfully used this simple technique to pass through the exam. On the day of exam, as you enter the exam, simply recall all the possible formulas. Brain dump these formulas on the blank sheets provided to you for the first few minutes. Even before you look into questions.

  5. As you move on the questions, simply pick the formulas sheet and work them out on the piece of sheets provided.

For the not-so-mathematical-savvy project managers, one may feel left back or nervous with the appearance and outset of so many PMP exam related formulas. Though, a complete knowledge and application of these formulas will bring down the nervousness and build confidence. Ensure to cater quality time to see how the formulas are applied and in what context. There is no shortcut here for success.

The list of 10 PMP knowledge areas include:

Integration Management, Scope Management, Time Management, Cost Management, Quality Management, Human Resource Management, Procurement Management, Risk Management, Communications Management, Stakeholder Management.

Please see not all knowledge areas will have formulas. Do not expect to have formulas for all 10 PMP knowledge areas.

The list of important and most widely used set of formulas include:

Project Selection >           Future Value
Present Value
NPV – Net Present Value
ROI – Rate of Interest
IRR – Internal Rate of Return
Payback Period
BCR – Benefit Cost Ratio
CBR – Cost Benefit Ratio
Communications >   Communication Channels
Procurement > PTA – Point of Total Assumption
Risk > EMV – Expected Monetary Value
Cost & Schedule > EVM – Earned Value Management   CV – Cost Variance
  SV – Schedule Variance
  AC – Actual Cost
  PV – Present Value
  CPI – Cost Performance Index
  SPI – Schedule Performance Index
  EAC – Estimate at Completion
  BAC – Budget at Completion
  TCPI – To Complete Performance Index
PERT(Program Evaluation and Review Technique) >   EAD – Expected Activity Duration
  Standard Deviation
  Variance of an activity
Network Diagram >   Activity Duration
  Total Float
  Free Float
Miscellaneous >   Average(Mean)
  Sigma Values
  Rough Order of Magnitude(ROM) estimate
  Preliminary estimate
  Budget estimate
  Definitive estimate
  Final estimate

View the PDF online here…

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Project Management Professional (PMP) Formulas

You may download the pdf document “Project Management Professional exam related formulas” by clicking on the PDF icon on your left side of the screen. This document is licensed to be used in its entirety in print and/or electronic media for personal use only.

We would love to hear your questions, suggestions and thoughts on the importance of PMP related formulas and how they contributed to your PMP success.

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