PMP Demo Class

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PMP Demo Class

PMP Demo Class

Aspiring PMP’s have lot of questions about PMP, this PMP Demo Class is aimed towards those questions. Join our no-nonsense, super educative quick and short introduction to PMP certification by PMP Trainers & Experts. On any given day, we receive at least 2 dozen requests for participation in our PMP program, however, many of them are first time takers. In order to educate and sort out queries and doubts of these first time takers, we have put up a small demo session clubbed with Q&A round. Join us and kick start your PMP Journey.

GlobalSkillup provides several world class management certification programs including PMP Certification of PMI. This absolutely free session is aimed to assist participants to take advantage of our expertise and make an informed choice before going ahead to make costly investment towards their Career.

PMP Demo Session – Recorded for Online Viewing


Engage in an exciting session to make a very well informed choice. PMP itself is a very costly affair and choosing the right career path before making such investment is primary. This session would aim to help you make a proper choice towards your career aspirations.

PMP Free Downloads

You may also kindly refer to the PMP Handbook & PMP Exam Course Content provided by PMI on their website before joining the session. This would help you to come out with any further questions in your mind, before this PMP Demo Class by GlobalSkillup.

  1. PMP Handbook direct download link by PMI is here
  2. PMP Course Content direct download link by PMI is here

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