PMP Cost for PMI Certification Exam in 2019

PMP Cost for PMI Certification Exam is often asked by many people time and again. PMP will definitely give you the advantage in the career, however, the cost is the most often part people are scared about to incur. PMP Cost for Certification Project Management Professional (PMP) Credential is offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). This is one of the best & most prestigious project management certification for practicing project management professionals, recognized internationally. Project managers are often benchmarked on this certification for hiring them in the Corporates. PMP Certification by PMI can be broken down into multiple costs and sections. Section 1: PMP 35 Contact Hours Training Cost Section 2: PMP Exam Cost Section 3: PMI Membership Cost towards PMP Section 4: PMP Maintenance or Renewal Cost towards 60 PDUs Section 5: PMP Reexamination for failing students Section 6: Hidden PMP Costs Let us understand all the costs pertaining to the Project management professional (PMP) program in [...]

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Get PMI Certifications PDUs Renewal Online Free

Get PMI Certifications PDUs Renewal Online Free for PMI PMP Certification Renewal CCRS focuses on getting you acquainted on Certification Renewal process. A detailed article to understand end to end about PDUs. What are PDUs? PDUs are Professional Development Units, necessary for maintaining Project Management Institute (PMI) Certified Credentials. You can easily get PMI Certifications PDUs Renewal Online Free. They are a part of PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program. One PDU is equivalent to one hour of project management training. PMPs and other PMI credential holders can claim PDUs by visiting PMI’s web site. After logging into PMI Website, click claim PDUs for valid credential holders in the CCRS. How to Maintain PDUs? In order to maintain your PMI credential you will need to amass a certain number of PDUs within a three year period. Suppose you pass exam in 14 November 2018, you need to acquire the PDU's before 14 November 2021 and report them to PMI. [...]

Thinking Project Management? Bangalore-based GlobalSkillup is the prime destination for Corporates.

GlobalSkillup is a firm which did not exist 5 years back. Today, it caters to majority of the corporates on Project Management consulting, advisory services and learning. From the infinite number of years, Project Management has been in existence to get work done in a structured manner for the mankind. Every Project, be it constructing a small house to constructing a large island to inhabitat people, we need Project Management. Enabling this type of managing end to end on Projects, is made simple by GlobalSkillup.   The Inception Founder & CEO Hari S Krishna, is the person behind the GlobalSkillup. His span of career in management enabled him to think in that line of thought. He worked on the jobs with likes of SAP Labs, Hewlett Packard and others; which taught him the practical experience about Project management, Customer management, Operations management, Delivery management and Quality management. Using the expertise gained, he visualised the first steps of starting GlobalSkillup. [...]

PMP Training Schedule 2019

PMP Training Schedule for 2019 with the updated dates is available here. Avail the best training towards the PMI credentials and pass the PMP Certification in 1st Attempt only with GlobalSkillup experienced trainers. Best in class study materials, Amazing experiential learning on the Project Management subject. Also find the special pricing options for registrations 30 days in prior to the registration. Avail the Early Bird Offer by apply coupon EBD3000 to save Rs.3000. Complete PMP Training Schedule can be checked on the Calendar page as well here. To book the PMP Training Schedule, you may visit the below training page. Customers looking up PMP Training often are confused as they lack the knowledge and understanding about the PMP before hand. That is where the GlobalSkillup comes into picture to help and assist the PMP aspirants. GlobalSkillup trainers are highly experienced, qualified and enthusiastic to make your dream come true for PMP certification.

PMBOK Guide 6th Edition PDF Legally Print Online

PMBOK Guide is one of the most searched books online by Project Managers. Print PMI PMBOK Guide 6th Edition PDF Legally Online; A lot of project managers & project management professionals are looking for downloading the "A guide to the project management body of knowledge" also known as now PMBOK 6th Edition guide; from PMI website, so that they can use it for the PMP certification exam preparation. However, it remains a dilemma that they could print a hard copy or not legally. Where to get PMBOK free online on Internet? PMBOK from PMI is free for all the PMI Members. Kindly register on PMI website for membership and download your own licensed legal copy of PMBOK 6th Edition. Do see that, How to download PMBOK from PMI website? You need to login to the PMI website with your PMI user ID / password, to download the PMBOK Guide PDF. The PDF file is password protected and it will prompt [...]

PMP certification with Job Placement

PMP certification with job placement is desired by professionals worldwide. This is also perfect for people with 3+ years Project management experience to 20+ years. PMP is one of the most desired and globally recognised certification. There is no doubt about this certification, that it enables professionals to acquire new jobs & opportunities in different domains and as well pick up best in the class salaries. Top 5 reasons why PMP certification with Job Placement is Cool 1. Management Career Opportunities: Professional closing near by 8 to 10 years in their corporate career path, typically look for upgrading themselves so that they can get into the management career opportunities. Getting this PMP is one of the best and it enables them to get into the Management jobs. 2. Switching in to different domains: Many people working in different sectors such as ITES and other domains want to switch to completely different verticals of businesses. Where they could see a [...]

PMP Preparation Study Plan

LET'S WORK TOGETHER TO CRACK PMP CERTIFICATION IN FIRST ATTEMPT. I personally welcome you at Global Skillup for your PMP Journey. Follow simple guidance towards your preparation by us and pass your PMP with confidence. Get started with Study Plan Guidance provided to you here How to approach the PMP preparation? o Before the training start, ensure to do the preparation as guided by us. o Kindly go through the Roadmap here with to understand the high level events. o During training, further guidance on your preparation will be provided. What training material/references to Study from before training start? 1. Soft Copy of Training Manual from GlobalSkillup is enclosed here. Optional Study & Preparation Materials: o PMP Handbook here o PMBOK ITTO’s Guidance o Project Management terms and terminologies (Lexicon) here o Project Manager Day to day Work Aids – Project Manager Templates here 2. Soft Copy of PMBOK from PMI website. Guidance to download soft copy of the [...]

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PMBOK 6 for PMP Exam Preparation – Changes Introduced by PMI

PMBOK 6 edition by PMI PMBOK 6 for PMP Exam Preparation - Changes Introduced by PMI are quite interesting and essential. PMBOK 6 Guide for those who already completed PMBOK 5 Training and stepping up to PMBOK 6th edition. From PMBOK5 to PMBOK6, there are quite a few changes to digest. This is applicable for both PMP & CAPM exam takers.   PMBOK 6 for PMP Exam Preparation vital changes: #1. New Chapter Introduced. “The Role of Project Manager” – Emphasis on Project Manager Daily Functions #2. Couple of Chapters were Renamed. Time Management became Schedule Management Human Resource Management became Resource Management #3. Few New Processes Got Added. Integration Management & Executing Process Group: Manage Project Knowledge Risk Management & Executing Process Group: Implement Risk Response Resource Management & Monitoring & Controlling Group: Control Resources #4. Some of Existing Process were Renamed. Performa Quality Assurance became Manage Quality Plan Human Resource Management became Plan Resource Management Control Communications [...]

PMP Exam Preparation Strategy

Download Link: PMP Exam Preparation Tips, Tricks, Strategy by GlobalSkillup PMP Exam Preparation module entails one to understand few special considerations one has to follow to increase the chances of being successful to start thinking the PMI® way. Also, a couple of tips, tricks and generic information which need to be kept in purview when participating in the exam itself. Following the guidance will increase the likelihood of one being success at the PMP® exam. Learn few special considerations about how to participate in the exam Apply some of the tips, tricks and the way the questions need to be understood What does the exam test? Your knowledge to apply the concepts Your understanding & interpretability of the concepts Your ability to judge professionally & ethically correct and act Your conscience to think in the right manner & direction Is that it? Guess not! Exam also tests your ability to take stress mentally, and your preparedness physically to sit long [...]

What is Initial Basic Feasible Solution IBFS

What is Initial Basic Feasible Solution IBFS? The solution of Minimization in operations research (also known as optimization) for our advantage in any scenario let it be transportation, resources, cost. This involves Initial solution to the given balanced Transportation Problems or Resource Allocation or Cost Allocation problem. This is known as Initial Basic Feasible Solution (IBFS). It is required to derive an initial feasible solution; the only requirement is that the destination needs be met within the constraints of source supply. What are the different methods to find Initial Basic Feasible Solution IBFS 1. North-West Corner Rule (NWCR) 2. South-East Corner Rule (SECR) 3. Row Minima Method (RMM) 4. Column Minima Method (CMM) 5. Matrix Minima Method (MMM) or Least cost Method (LCM) or Inspection Method. 6. Vogel’s Approximation Method (VAM) or Vogel’s Method of Penalty The most commonly used being NWCR. A sample diagram depicts the same here:  

Operations research for Management Excellence

Operations research is an application of scientific & mathematical methods by management to study & analyse real time problems to make better decision making which involves situations, scenarios, systems based on analytical methods in Business, Industry, Sectors, Government Functions and Enterprises. So, what exactly is operations research? Let us understand with a simple example, what operations research strategy can be. Imagine a situation where you are booking airline ticket and you have board it onto the aero plane. Just to realize that your neighbor on the flight very same flight, has booked at least $200 less than the original price what you paid for the same very ticket. How did the system come up with such a different price for two different seeds right next to each other? The answer to this is Operations Research maximizing the profitability. If your still not convinced with the previous dialogue let's take another scenario. Operations Research applied in Airline Ticketing Industry [...]

Project Progress Report for Major Stakeholders (AKA Weekly Status Report)

Project Progress Report for Major Stakeholders Project Progress Report for Stakeholders of any project would need a significant amount of dedicated reporting about the Project status. This means the project manager has to ensure that all the vital parameters of the project are again and again reported on an ongoing basis with a predefined frequency. Some of the most important parameters or reporting elements must include key points which can give the stakeholders confidence the project progress is moving in the right direction. In majority of the projects the significant parameters are identified in consultation with the stakeholders and sometimes these are predefined by the PMO in any organisation. Although the project manager is given a free hand to report any other additional significant parameters other than what has been asked already for. Sample Project Progress Report For example let us take the IT project, typically the IT project stakeholders demand milestones, deliverables, risks, productivity, utilisation and feature completion. [...]

Advanced CSM certification program (A-CSM™)

    News from Scrum Alliance: ScrumAlliance is launching an advanced level Certified ScrumMaster® (A-CSM™) certification program. This program, designed with current certification input, is the next progression in CSM Roadmap & Career. The A-CSM™ will be available globally, and we're actively approving educators in preparation for the launch. Why the A-CSM™ Matters. It's not uncommon for people to earn the CSM® certification, only to take their new knowledge back to the workplace and find that Scrum is harder to implement than originally anticipated. The A-CSM™ builds on your foundational knowledge with the specific goal of improving your effective implementation of Scrum in your workplace. As an A-CSM™, you'll learn: Communication facilitation techniques to use with product owners, team members, customers, and executives, both in and out of Scrum ceremonies. How to confidently respond to resistance to organizational change, lack of engagement, low motivation, and unavailability of key people. How to overcome challenges that prevent long-term, deep adoption of Scrum and Agile practices throughout your business. [...]

Learning Effectively in an Online Class

Make learning effective in online class requires one to pay attention on several fronts. This whitepaper article elaborates upon the same and boosts learners effectiveness either in the Classroom or in the Online Classes such as LVC(Live Virtual Class) or Skype sessions. Do you know? After 20 minutes, people forget 40% of what they just learned. In Contrast, students who take and review their notes can recall up to 80% of the content. Do you know? Up to 75% people think typing down notes on computer is useful during Class. In Contrast, students who take handwritten notes find 90% more useful than computer notes. 1. Start with handwritten notes In a regular class, you’ll be typing down everything your instructor is saying. At the end you will only have a lecture transcript, not a curated list of key concepts that is far more valuable in a learning scenario. To make things worse, your useful computer comes with Internet access. Just [...]

PMI PDU for Credential Maintenance

PMI PDU Credential Maintenance is the way to maintain the PMI Credentials after achieving them. offers special PDU programs, Earn PDUs for all PMI certifications designed to scale you up while you earn them. What are PDU Professional Development Units for Continuing Certification Requirements(CCRS) towards PMI Credentials? PMI PDU Credential Maintenance Talent Triangle PMI certified professionals are required to maintain PDU(Professional Development Unit) to continue their PMI PDU Credential Maintenance & renewals. Globalskillup offers multiple methods of learning to avail such PDU’s in line with the PMI Talent Triangle. How do I understand PMI Talent Triangle? It emphasizes on 3 aspects of professional development. Such as Technical, Leadership, and Strategic & Business Management expertise. See the diagram for ease of understanding. PDUs can be earned in either of the mentioned categories. What PMI Certification requires how many PDU’s? Here is a list of PMI Certifications and their individual CCR. GlobalSkillup educational trainings, activities & programs are 100% in [...]

SAFe Scaled Agile Framework Materials, Downloads, PDF, PPTx

SAFe Scaled Agile Framework is the point of discussion in this article. Many Corporate's are making progress to increase their speed and flexibility by removing age-old governance models and structures. Agile principles prove particularly effective for software development at a team level for such, however, they do the same at Corporate level. How do you scale agile principles and practices across the enterprise? Use SAFe. Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) answers these questions. We have detailed study materials for the same, however, commonly available ones publicly are made available here. SAFe Downloads SAFe Scaled Agile Framework Introduction: Download Link (by ScaledAgile) SAFe Scaled Agile Framework Foundation: Download Link (by ScaledAgile) SAFe Scaled Agile Framework High Level Overview: Download Link (by ScaledAgile) SAFe 4.0 What's New? Scaled Agile Framework : Download Link (by ScaledAgile) SAFe Video Introduction

Quality Control Circle Concepts for Six Sigma

Quality Control Circle (QCC) is a working group of few staff to contribute to the resolution of problems in the organizational quality and or improvement of the overall organization. Group's intent is to increase the staff morale with good quality product development and as well of Organization quality itself. Teams are engaged with QCC such that the staff development as well takes place with untapped potential for improvement. Quality Circle Also known as Quality circles, originated in Japan in 1962 by Mr.Kaoru Ishikawa. The Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) coordinated the movement in Japan for the QCC. Quality Control Circle In any given organization, QCC can be established upon team’s voluntary participation or through management guidance. Typically to resolve the problems or improve the organization, QCC takes advantage of 7 Quality Control tools. Seven Quality Control Tools Cause-and-effect diagrams (Ishikawa "fishbone" diagram) Process Flowcharts 80-20 Pareto charts Check sheets (Process mapping tool) Histograms (Bar charts, Pie charts) Run charts and Control [...]

Project Life Cycle

Project Life Cycle refers to a series of activities which are necessary to fulfill project goals or objectives. Projects vary in size and complexity, but, no matter how large or small, all projects can be mapped to the following life cycle structure: Starting the project Organizing and preparing Carrying out project work Closing the project Every project has certain phases of development.  A clear understanding of these phases allows managers and executives to maintain control of the project more efficiently. By definition, a project has a beginning and an end and passes through several phases of development known as life cycle phases. These phases are varied depending upon the industry involved but all follow the same basic steps. It is important to realize that the project life cycle for each project may differ, in both the number of phases it may have and the detail within each of these phases. Project Life Cycle The Project Management Life Cycle [...]

Pass ITIL Exam

Pass ITIL Exam in 1st attempt is possible for the ITIL® Foundation and other ITIL® exams with our expert 10 key recommendations. To learn more about ITIL Service Management, Click here. 1. Learn enough, dedicate time to the Pass ITIL Exam training – ITIL® trainings are very simple and understandable, however with dedicated time, is key to success 2. Jot down your own notes – Learn and write explanation of all terms you come across course. Make notes in your own understanding and words to make it clear to you 3. Don’t loose priority – Main cause for not passing the exam – lack of time and attention to do the training 4. Practice Mock Exams – Spot your strong and weak points. Improve your knowledge on weak aspects 5. Relax before Actual Exam – Chill down a day before. Gather strength rather than to study till the last moment 6. Exam Focused – Forget your company's way of implementation [...]

PMBOK Latest Edition in 2017 Q3 – PMBOK 6th Edition

PMBOK New Version is coming up soon on September 6th 2017. All Project Management Professional's (PMP's) and the PMP aspirants in almost all industries adopt significant amount of principles, terms and terminologies defined in the PMBOK guide published and circulated by PMI (Project Management Institute). PMBOK has been considered as a primary source of preparation for all the PMP exam takers and industry veterans to acquire Project Management related knowledge and wisdom. PMBOK also has been a primary source to bring common understanding on the Project Management Lexicon being used by project management professionals across the globe. PMBOK emphasizes on bringing updated PM Process Groups, Relevant Knowledge Areas and also updated Processes with Inputs, Tools and Techniques, and Outputs which serve as a baseline for many who practice Project Management as such. PMI has been off late publishing the PMBOK guide on a frequent intervals of every 3 to 4 years cycle. PMI updates its global standards (such as [...]

Interconnection between Project, Program & Portfolio Management

Project Program Portfolio Management from Organization point of view Project Program Portfolio in any organization plays a vital role towards overall strategic implementation of the organization's vision. Right prioritization and action by executive management leads to better overall engagement. Across the large organizations, you will find often these interconnections of the entire functioning of the management as depicted here in the organizational chart. Project Management Develops and implements plans to achieve a specific scope that is driven by the objectives of its program and, ultimately, organizational strategy. It is largely concerned with achieving specific deliverable's that support specific organizational objectives. Project is a temporary endeavor with a beginning and end, undertaken to create a unique product, service or result. Project management is a science and art to apply the knowledge, skills, tools & techniques to activities to meet project requirements. Program Management Harmonizes its project and program components, and manages their inter-dependencies in order to realize specified benefits. It focuses [...]

Best training institute for Six Sigma Certification

Best training institute for Six Sigma certification. This dilemma to find some of the best institutes goes on in the mind of six sigma participants across the world. There are multitude of training companies and solutions offered by various institutions across the world. However, there are few who simply standout of these mushroom of learning options. One such institution, exceptionally known across worldwide is GlobalSkillup. Best training institute for Six Sigma Certification - Why GlobalSkillup for Six Sigma Certification? GlobalSkillup offers Six Sigma program both in classroom and online mode based on recognized syllabus like ISO, EFQM, ASQ and IBSSP. We conduct Green Belt and Black Belt training in Lean Six Sigma and provide internationally recognized certification by GlobalSkillup. Training is provided by leading industry experts and consultants with more than 15 years of experience.  We have helped various organization implement Lean and Six Sigma.  We provide project support over a period of 1 year post training [...]

Six Sigma Course Details

Six Sigma Course Details given here will give you an idea about Six Sigma Training related Six Sigma Course Content, Six Sigma Course Outline, Six Sigma Training Agenda. Please go on to read more. Six Sigma Course Details in detail.. Six Sigma Course Details It is said that you don't know how you are performing unless you measure the performance.  It is also said that you don't measure something unless you value it.  If your process is valuable and adds value to organization, then there is always a need to measure its performance.  Quantitative measurement of the process is the first step towards six sigma. More about Six Sigma Course Details.. Sigma in Six Sigma term is nothing but standard deviation.  Your process is said to be Six Sigma when center (mean) of your process is apart by six standard deviation from both lower and upper specification limits.  Statistically, if you process is performing as mentioned above, then your process [...]

Six Sigma Certifications across the World

Six Sigma Certifications Six Sigma Certifications across the World includes Black belts, Master Black Belts, Green Belts & Yellow Belts which are integral part of Project Management. Certification levels depends upon the Company's Implementation Strategy. Six Sigma Certifications are World Class Testimony for Quality Individuals with different Belt specified may be performing slightly different roles in their organization with added responsibilities, here is a basic guide to who does what. Six Sigma Certifications Trainings are provided worldwide by Quality Training Providers like GlobalSkillup. Course content for all certifications, though is closely aligned to the principles of American Society for Quality (ASQ). #1: Six Sigma Champions Every project needs organizational support. Without the organization support, implementation of Six Sigma is not feasible since it is a top down approach.  Six Sigma Champions set the direction for Six Sigma team and group. They ensure Projects success by providing necessary resources, funds, commitment and removing any roadblocks.  They translate the company’s vision to create an organizational [...]

Why Lean Six Sigma when Six Sigma Methodology exists?

Lean Six Sigma Methodology and Six Sigma are two common methods under continuous improvement umbrella that businesses use to help improve quality and efficiency. They truly compliment each other and if applied in union, yields powerful and profitable results for the company. I am working in continuous improvement space for over 8 years now, first as Black Belt, then as Master Black Belt and now as Global Leader for CSI function.  I have used different methodologies at different times and different situations to yield results and all of them have helped me deliver great value to the business. Lean Six Sigma Methodology Even after so many years, one topic that has come up again and again and intrigue me is the ongoing debate regarding Lean vs Six Sigma, its merits & which one should be followed while streamlining business processes and eliminating waste out of process. Even among experts, both these approaches have their propagators and detractors who [...]

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PMP Exam Questions Distribution Pattern

PMP Exam Questions Distribution Pattern post the change has been discussed below. The new PMP exam change already happened on 11th Jan 2016. The PMBOK edition remains 5th edition as such – no change in that. The questions framed in exam are based on the PMP Domain Tasks established by PMI. There are several new tasks published in this new PMP exam change in 2016. For more details on that domain tasks, refer more details our blog. In terms of the PMP Exam Questions distribution is as follows. Area of Questions Percentage Wise Questions Initiating 13% 26 Planning 24% 48 Executing 31% 62 Monitoring & Controlling 25% 50 Closing 7% 14 Totals 100% 200 PMI’s code of conduct remains distributed across the 5 Process Groups Exam Questions as always. Total of 200 multiple choice questions to be answered in 4 hours’ time. 25 Questions are pre-test, which are non-scoring questions. 175 Questions are scoring questions based on which the [...]

Join PMP Training. PMI Chapter Trainings or GlobalSkillup?

Join PMP Training. This is a tough dilemma for many would be PMP aspirants. Should I go for this Training or that Training option? At GlobalSkillup, we often hear from our participants to make a few comparisons, though we see every institution and every company has their own strengths and capabilities, we have made a simple study and highlighted few sections interesting for our participants. Please take a look. Unique Proposition Value of PMI Chapter as noticed in the Industry: PMI Chapters are extended hands of PMI itself and provides good quality PMP trainings. The trainings itself are provided by volunteer trainers who are industry working professionals apart from their regular day to day job & passion to be a volunteer. The trainings are primarily oriented & driven based on professionals work experience. Trainings are usually conducted on 2 weekends or 4 days of duration. Unique Proposition Value of GlobalSkillup as noticed in the Industry: The are Project Management [...]

What is Six Sigma?

What is Six Sigma? This is the very first questions it comes to mind when someone asks about quality. At GlobalSkillup, we have thought about answering the very basic question. Go on to read more. What is Six Sigma? Sigma is a letter in the Greek Alphabet.  As a letter (∑), Sigma is used as a symbol for sums and series in which each term is computed from the previous one by adding (or subtracting). More about Six Sigma Six Sigma is a Business Management Strategy which was developed by Biill Smith who is also referred as father of Six Sigma.  He was working in Motorola,USA, when he developed this methodology/ strategy (in 1981).  Six Sigma is a methodology for continuous improvement using which process centering or variation between parts is controlled to bring process efficiency and reduce defects.  We can also refer this as problem solving technique using statistical approach.  It improves the quality of any process by [...]

Project Manager PMO with PMP

Project Manager PMO has Significant role to Play. Let us Learn more about same. Why PMP and What is it for Project Manager in PMO? PMP is a global certification valued across industries and countries provided by the Project Management Institute PMI. This credential can be taken up anywhere across the world by the qualified professionals. PMP looks great on the Project Managers resume and gets Project management careers especially Project Manager PMO role easily based on the certification as such. This also proves that an individual has required relevant Project management experience. Is PMO important in Organization? PMO stands for Project Management Office in Corporates. PMO establishes authority for the planning of Programs and Projects under the organizational portfolio. Allocating required resources for Project managers like Project Cost, Project Machines, Project Staff and of course the alignment of Projects to the organizational priorities. PMO is important in organization to steer multiple priorities with focussed and guided approach to achieve business vision. Pmbok Guide for Project Manager [...]

PMP certification training and exam prep in Project Management

Best PMP Certification Training and PMI PMP Exam prep in Project Management by GlobalSkillup is very popular amongst the management certifications looked upon by Industry practitioners and Professionals. Let us give you an insight about the same. What is PMP? PMI PMP (Project Management Professional) is a Globally recognized Management Credential well demanded by many Industries for recruitment of Project Managers. The PMP credential readily showcases to employer community, the clients and peers that an individual has great amount of project management knowledge, experience and skills to bring projects to successful completion. Over every year passed, the PMP credential has been even more demanded with better salary, reputation and also recognition for credential holders. PMP Certification Training for PMP Exam PMP Training by GlobalSkillup gives you the edge and equips you to pass the PMP certification in first attempt. Our track record has been impeccable and our participants are overwhelmed with the support & guidance we provide them on PMP journey. This spans [...]

35 Contact Hours for PMP Credential in 6 different ways

35 Contact Hours for PMP Credential in 6 different ways can be earned. In this article, we would emphasize on the same. PMI(Project Management Institute) PMP(Project Management Professional) credential has been one of the top most credential towards entering into Management and/or to move up the Corporate ladder. Achievement of PMP requires not just only studying from PMBOK from PMI, it also demands you to acquire 35 Contact Hours of formal education on Project management subject. Did you know gaining 35 Contact Hours is possible 6 different ways to go apply for PMP credential? Yes, that is absolutely true. 6 different ways to get 35 Contact Hours to achieve PMP includes: PMI Registered Education Providers (REP’s). Few of the training companies register with PMI are known as PMI REP, who also offer the 35 hours of certificate training. Courses offered by PMI chapters. PMI has its own extended hands across all major cities across the world called as PMI Chapters, [...]

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Critical Chain Method in Project Management

Critical Chain Method in Project Management is an important aspect to manage Project schedules based on Resource constraints and optimization. 3 steps to understand Critical Chain Method in Project Management Step 1. Many a times, in order to suppress the ambiguity on projects and overcome the uncertainty, Project reserves are used. This is simply sometimes an extra timeline after the anticipated Ideal Project Completion. Critical Path of Project with Project reserve makes the project more realistic towards end result. Start-A-B-C-End is the Critical Path. Start-G-H-B-C-End is alternate path. Start-X-Y-B-C-End is alternate path. Step 2. Critical Path of Project with Project Buffer makes the project more realistic towards end result. In addition, all alternate paths collision to critical path activities need to be added reserve to stop derailment of critical path activities. This will protect the Project timeline by not cascading on each individual critical path activity. Each feeding reserve size must account for uncertainty/ambiguity in the duration of the chain of [...]

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PMP Exam Passing Score

PMP Exam Passing Score is very important to understand for PMP Exam takers. This article emphasizes on the same aspect. Please go on to read more about it. What is the PMP Exam Passing Score? Many aspirants going for the PMP (Project Management Professional) Exam often ask this question in my batches and often ask my sales team also during enrollments. PMI (Project Management Institute) itself has not disclosed any passing score for the PMP exam. PMI had stopped to disclose what is the PMP passing score after 2007 for all PMI Credential exam takers. The overall pass is still based on a score which PMI has in their backdrop. PMP exam takers get to see an overall pass/fail in the exam results. Along with grading of their performance in 5 PMP Process Group areas, such as Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling, Closing and 1 Special area Professional & Social Responsibility. Grading in these 6 areas results in PMP Exam Passing Score [...]

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Project Management Risk Types – Inherent Risks, Residual Risks, Secondary Risks

Project Management Risk Types are Inherent Risks, Residual Risks, Secondary Risks. These are listed here with examples for the detailed understanding. In Project Management, we often encounter Risks, basically uncertain events. These Risks may positively benefit or negatively impact as well. To have better control on these Risks, we implement Risk Response strategies. Project Management Risk Types for Known Risks can be classified in this direction as well. For any given Project it would be possible to identify/anticipate to an extent the Positive and Negative Risks. For Positive Risks, which help us to benefit, we establish and implement strategies such as Exploit, Enhance, Share, Accept. For Negative Risks, which may have downside, we establish and implement strategies such as Avoid, Transfer, Mitigate, Accept. Project Management Risk Types defined by GlobalSkillup Risks that are not acted upon with any risk response are known as Inherent Risks. Risks that remain even after risk response have been implemented are known as Residual Risks. New Risks that [...]

PMBOK New Version in 2017 Q3 – PMBOK 6th Edition

PMBOK New Version is coming up soon on September 6th 2017. All Project Management Professional's (PMP's) and the PMP aspirants in almost all industries adopt significant amount of principles, terms and terminologies defined in the PMBOK guide published and circulated by PMI (Project Management Institute). PMBOK has been considered as a primary source of preparation for all the PMP exam takers and industry veterans to acquire Project Management related knowledge and wisdom. PMBOK also has been a primary source to bring common understanding on the Project Management Lexicon being used by project management professionals across the globe. PMBOK emphasizes on bringing updated PM Process Groups, Relevant Knowledge Areas and also updated Processes with Inputs, Tools and Techniques, and Outputs which serve as a baseline for many who practice Project Management as such. PMI has been off late publishing the PMBOK guide on a frequent intervals of every 3 to 4 years cycle. PMI updates its global standards (such as [...]

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PMI REP Registered Education Provider for PMI PMP

PMI REP Registered Education Provider is believed to be the only source of PMP Training by many upcoming PMP professionals. However, this is not true. PMI clearly mentions in its PMP Handbook (Link here) Page 9 Section, PMP Application & Payment, the following elaboration of who could perform the trainings. Refer to enclosed screenshot attached. GlobalSkillup is in the Category D, Training companies or consultants. As such, GlobalSkillup qualifies to demonstrate the Project Management subject matter as per PMI guidelines. 1000's of participants are testimony to the same for achieving the PMP and other credentials with our training certificates. GlobalSkillup issues the PMP 35 Contact Hours Certificate / PMP PDU's (Professional Development Units) as per the PMI Guidelines which are fully qualified, verifiable & accepted by PMI. PMP Training courses offered by PMI REPs and from NON-REPs are found to be of Great Quality. It all depends on the trainer who makes the difference. Courses from PMI REPs are likely to be somewhat more institutionalized; as [...]

New PMP Exam Change

New PMP Exam change will embrace new change in content outline on 11 Jan 2016. The PMP examination is a vital part of the activities leading to receive a professional credential, PMP examination indicates the practices of the project management practitioner. What would be the upcoming new PMP Exam change? Exam Format of four hours and multiple choice itself remains same, including the scoring pattern and including the PMBOK 5th edition knowledge curriculum. As always, PMP Exam is based on Course Content Outline published by PMI(Project Management Institute) which emphasizes on Tasks in Performance domains. Exam is based on scenario based questions created from various tasks performed by Project Manager.  These domain tasks were defined way back, few years ago. Questions are all primarily based on these scenarios coming out of these domain tasks of Project Management Profession. PMI has upgraded the domain tasks to add a few more based on today’s project managers new role in Project Management based on existing new [...]

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Lead your Career like a Tom Cruise! Take swift direction.

Which project management certification should I go for? There are many certifications available in market for Project management career like PMP, CAPM, PRINCE2, CSM, PMI-ACP and so on. PMP, CAPM & PRINCE2 primarily focus on Waterfall methodology. PMP (Project Management Professional provided by PMI) has a great reputation and also readily tells you that you got the required experience, education and also the right exposure to end to end fo Project management. This is considered to be a global certification since almost every industry employees PMP Professionals. Very popular and widely known across HR managers too. Almost for every 100 jobs posted across the world 80-85% will be primarily looking for such certification. CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management provided by PMI) has also good standing in the market for entry level project rookies. This primarily focuses to ensure only on the knowledge part and does not account on the industry exposure. For entry level, for every 100 jobs [...]

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27 Keys For Project Management Success – PMI PMP

As part of our PMI PMP(Project Management Institute Project Management Professional) success series guide, from Armadillo Consultants, we want to reveal the hidden secret’s of how to pass PMP exam, the most result yielding way. Much before we step there, one got to understand the Project Manager as a Project Management Professional. PMP(Project Management Professional) Aspirants who seek successful PMP should start preparing well in advance and start building a well rounded professional profile. Starting early would give sufficient time to research and evaluate different “in detailed project management topics” to explore and prepare for taking up the PMP exam. It is very significant for PMP aspirants to spend considerable time evaluating many topics at hand and pick the right topics to build an overall professional profile, where they will be ultimately be happy and successful. There are probably two ways many aspirant PMP’s or Project Management Professionals look at it while addressing the actual PMP exam. One. You [...]

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PMP FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

PMP FAQ (Frequently asked questions) sorts out almost all questions aimed towards PMP Certification. At being Project Management subject matter experts, we would want to answer almost all frequently asked questions on Project Management topics and subject. PMP FAQ, list of questions and topics.. What is PMP® What is PMI® What is PMP® certification PMP® certification eligibility PMP® certification process PMP® re-certification What are PDU’s How to get PMP® certification | register for PMP® exam How to prepare for PMP® exam What is PMI® membership What is PMBoK Value of PMP® certification Cost of PMP® certification PMP® certification fees PMP® certification books PMP® certification class | PMP® certification boot camp | Project Management  professional training PMP® certification questions | PMP® exam questions free PMP® certification material | Project Management  professional study guide PMP® certification India Online PMP® certification training | PMP® certificate online | Project Management  certification online PMP® certification online training free | PMP® certification free training PMP® certification [...]

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PMP Training Events

PMP Training Events for PMI PMP Certification hosted by GlobalSkillup stands out as exemplary practical and exam oriented preparation classes. Join our PMP certification training programs hosted regularly across cities and online LVC sessions! We want you to get PMP trained and be certified, pass in first attempt, real quick in this year to gain the career advantage. Upcoming PMP Training Events: All PMP certification training programs are conducted by highly experienced real time professionals with 15+Years of overall experience and not just expert trainers with PMP credentials. We give you that special advantage of learning how to apply project management concepts to practical real life project situations. This in addition to ensuring your PMP certification is a definite guarantee. Our PMP training batches fill real fast and quick, so ensure to book your seat immediately. Book your training and also view more details about the program here. As a token of appreciation for getting started, we [...]

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PMP Certification Value

PMP Certification Value for any would be PMP is the most sought after question. Is the Project Management Institute's (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP) only a job hunting-down certification or a career booster or much more? I am a project manager and am doing a great job of delivery of Projects for my organization. Why would I need a PMP certification? A very valid question, indeed. This is the stigma which goes around in the mind of the working project managers and the project management professionals at multiple levels. Often the customers, who speak to me asking serious advice on their project management careers, come with a preset mind and the intention to make me say "Yes". Yes to qualify them for the PMP training programs. In fact, many project managers do their own extensive research on PMP certification, they just want me to confirm their research answer is correct. Am not surprised, to see the value of PMP [...]

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Certifications that will land a great job & career opportunity!

Professional Certifications that will help land on a great job & career opportunity in project management! For any profession, there are multiple bodies and certifications available in the world. We have already done the homework on behalf of you to identify that perfect body or institution with the recognized certification for you to be on par in the project management stream. Here are the widely & globally recognized valuable benchmark certification programs, Armadillo Consultants helps you prepare in the line of achievement of the same. However, before we look into them, let us ask. Why Certifications? There are multiple dimensions one could look at. The most prominent three logic's being: Transforming aspiring newbies, rookies, practitioners into true professionals & leaders of tomorrow. Certifications ensure that the understanding, skills and education are on par with respect to a benchmark of the industry or a business line. Since certifications are globally accredited, professionals naturally gain a global advantage to be competitive and are acknowledged professional to take [...]

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PMP Exam Formulas – Free online PDF Download!

Project Managers "best aid" in performing their operations involves widespread application of mathematical formulas in relation to the 10 project management knowledge areas. Project Managers & Project management professionals looking to be future PMI PMP credential certified professional needs to understand the application of mathematical formulas in context of the situation at hand. Memorization of the formulas alone will not aid the PMP aspirants ace the PMP exam. Professionals need to have deep insights on how to effectively perform the required computations. This requires the project management skill and diligence of the subject matter to ensure the problems are resolved in the right direction correctly. While there are many methods to memorize the formulas & go about PMP exam, the most prominent one which has brought success for PMP aspirants is discussed here. 5 Simple steps to PMP Success with mathematical inspiration During your PMP preparation, write down the formulas over a piece of paper on a daily mode until the exam day.  A [...]

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Secrets & treasure they do not want you to know about PMP!

PMP aspirants! Discover the secrets & treasure for you to crack PMI's PMP. Before I share that, a short foreword. Being a PMP Credential holder myself for many years, I have experienced the dramatic transformation of the way I used to handle projects & clients; to the new way I did that in a more profitable way couple of years back. So, if your goal is just to crack through PMP, think again. PMP offers more than just being a credential to your existence. One is no good, by having a PMP credential alone. One needs to understand the concepts, apply them in practice as well. It is not practical to believe, one would get a chance to work end to end of all Project management knowledge areas in their early career. The work around to such situation is, when moving through PMBoK topics, come up with imaginary Project management scenarios and simulate the experience in mind. Behave the [...]

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Passed PMP in first Attempt!

This is the excited reaction; we see when someone passes their PMI PMP(Project Management Institute - Project Management Professional) certification exam in their first attempt. We know that is a great deal. Why would someone be so excited and caring about passing the PMP exam in first attempt? As if they just reached the Mount Everest, the top of the world. The reasons are obvious; PMP is not so simple to get through as it looks to be on the outlook. Should you have heard, "it is that easy", think again and do your research well before you embark. The foremost word, the PMBoK guide has changed from 4th edition to 5th edition in 2012 and the exam has adopted change in 2013. 1.  Each PMP exam version has changed over period drastically than ever based on new editions of PMBoK. Recently, we happen to come across the blog “How to Pass PMP Exam on First Try” by Dick [...]

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PMP Exam Change based on PMBoK® 5th Edition

PMP Exam Change. At GlobalSkillup, we have made a practice to constantly improve and thrive for you, to bring you the most possible detailed information on all relevant information on project management subject matter, that includes the PMI®(Project Management Institute) related credentials/certifications and other industry relevant programs in project management expertise.   We have often been asked many times, what will happen to PMI PMP®(Project Management Professional) exam due to the PMBoK® (Project Management Body of Knowledge) 5th Edition released earlier during the year. Many PMP® aspirants and the PMP® exam takers frequently have the same questions about the impact of the PMBoK® 5th Edition. We have elaborated and shed some light in the same direction to assist you upfront. As per the information prevalent from PMI®, the exams are updated as per the roster below. Here are the recommended readings of various PMBoK® Editions. Credential Exam Updated from Current Reading Reference Old Reading Reference PMP®Project Management Professional 1-Feb-2016 [...]

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