35 Contact Hours for PMP Credential in 6 different ways

35 Contact Hours for PMP Credential in 6 different ways

35 Contact Hours for PMP Credential in 6 different ways can be earned. In this article, we would emphasize on the same.

PMI(Project Management Institute) PMP(Project Management Professional) credential has been one of the top most credential towards entering into Management and/or to move up the Corporate ladder. Achievement of PMP requires not just only studying from PMBOK from PMI, it also demands you to acquire 35 Contact Hours of formal education on Project management subject.

Did you know gaining 35 Contact Hours is possible 6 different ways to go apply for PMP credential? Yes, that is absolutely true. 6 different ways to get 35 Contact Hours to achieve PMP includes:

  1. PMI Registered Education Providers (REP’s).
    • Few of the training companies register with PMI are known as PMI REP, who also offer the 35 hours of certificate training.
  2. Courses offered by PMI chapters.
    • PMI has its own extended hands across all major cities across the world called as PMI Chapters, who also offer the 35 hours of certificate training.
  3. Employer or Company provided training.
    • Few of the employers also cater for in-house training workshops which are also considerable for 35 hours of certificate training.
  4. Training Companies or Consultants such as GlobalSkillup.com.
    • GlobalSkillup.com offers unique 3 day training program blended with exam preparation guidance amounting to 35 hours of certificate training.
  5. Distance learning companies with end of course assessment conducted like GlobalSkillup.com
    • GlobalSkillup.com offers unique online preparation training program towards 35 hours of certificate training.
  6. University programs or College courses.
    • Few of the universities and college programs are valid for their project management course curriculum towards 35 hours of certificate training requirement.

What does not qualify for 35 Contact Hours?

  1. Self-studying from the book without any professional guidance
  2. Participation in office meetings/trainings with no educational certificate
  3. Participation in PMI chapter meetings or conferences or events as such

Difference between Contact Hours and PDU’s:
Many aspirants also have misconception about 35 Contact Hours and 60 PDU(Professional Development Units).

  • For someone attending the PMP exam, would need only 35 Contact Hours. One hour of educational activity is considered as one Contact Hour. Hence, an individual has to accumulate such 35 Contact Hours of learning with professional guidance. Typically the training conducted by professional training companies such as GlobalSkillup.com would qualify for Contact Hours.
  • For someone who already is a PMP, would need to maintain their PMP certificate every 3 years by acquiring 60 PDU. These PDU are nothing but 1 hour (of professional education or formal event participation engaging in self-improvement or guided learning) is equivalent to 1 PDU. As such the contact hours are now called PDU for maintenance of your PMP credential once acquired. Once you have acquired PMP, GlobalSkillup.com could help you accumulate the required 60 PDU’s every 3 years to maintain your PMP credential.
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